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A Comprehensive Guide About Facelift in Turkey

A Comprehensive Guide About Facelift in Turkey

In the realm of aesthetic medicine, the concept of ‘facelift’ has left a mark with its rejuvenating touch. But what is a facelift and why has Turkey evolved as a preferred destination for this procedure? Let’s explore.

What is a facelift?

A facelift, in technical parlance termed as rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure aiming to imbue a youthful appeal to the face. This transformative process diminishes visible aging signs around the neck and face by tightening sagging skin, smoothing out deep lines, and repositioning underlying tissues.

What are the steps in the facelift procedure?

Rhytidectomy typically involves a sequence of intricate steps. Including:

  • Administration of anesthesia.
  • Making incisions around the hairline, typically extending from the temples to the lower scalp.
  • Reshaping and repositioning of the underlying tissue to improve facial contours
  • Trimming off excess skin.
  • Closing of the incisions.

What should you do before the facelift?

Before embarking on the facelift journey, certain precautions can help ensure a smooth experience. Follow these:

  • Avoidance of smoking and sun exposure
  • Staying clear of certain medications that could increase the risk of bleeding
  • Maintaining a well-balanced diet
  • Ensuring proper hydration for optimal recovery

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What should you do after the facelift?

Post-operative care is as significant as preoperative measures. You should follow those tips:

  • Keeping up with a gentle skincare routine
  • Abstinence from strenuous activities
  • Elevating the head while resting
  • Timely intake of prescribed medications

Post-operative care is as significant as preoperative measures. Maintaining a gentle skincare routine, abstaining from strenuous activities, elevating the head while resting, and taking prescribed medications on schedule can expedite the healing process.

A Comprehensive Guide About Facelift in Turkey - Lerra clinic

Benefits of a Facelift:

A successfully executed facelift promise:

  • Reversal of sagging skin and deep wrinkles.
  • Establishment of a well-defined jawline.
  • Achievement of a younger-looking facial outline.
  • Mental well-being enhancement due to improved self-image.
  • Boost self-confidence and self-esteem, the reversal of drooping skin and profound.

Types of Facelift in Turkey and Areas of Focus:

Turkey offers a spectrum of facelift options catering to various aesthetic goals and conditions.

  • Mini-facelift: Targets lower face laxity, ideal for early aging signs
  • Mid-facelift: Aims at rejuvenating the central face area, particularly cheeks and lower eyelids
  • Traditional or ‘full’ facelift: Provides comprehensive facial rejuvenation, addressing areas from the neck to the forehead.
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Istanbul: A Preferred Location for Beauty Enhancements

Istanbul emerges as the prime choice for a facelift owing to its sturdy medical ecosystem, globally trained and certified professionals, and stringent healthcare standards. Moreover, the city’s historic charm adds a pleasant layer to the post-surgical recovery phase.

Choosing Your Ideal Surgeon and Clinic:

Opting for the most suitable surgeon for your facelift in Turkey includes verifying their credentials, assessing their experience, and perusing patient reviews. Selecting a clinic equipped with modern facilities, a multilingual workforce, and a reputation for outstanding patient care adds value.

How much does a facelift cost in Turkey?

Pricing plays a significant role in decision-making. The expense of a facelift in Turkey is considerably lower than in other nations, even accounting for travel costs. Anticipate a price range between $3,500 and $6,500, contingent on the procedure’s specifics.

Is facelift in Turkey safe?

Facelift in Turkey, Istanbul proves to be a safe venue for medical tourism, attributed to rigorous regulations, top-tier healthcare institutions, and seasoned medical practitioners. However, it’s essential to remember that every surgical procedure has inherent risks, so adhering to all surgeon-provided guidelines is paramount.

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Turkey's Progression in Facelift Procedures:

Turkey has recorded considerable evolution in aesthetic healthcare over time. It prioritizes superior patient care, cutting-edge technology, and exemplary professional expertise, earning the trust of those seeking a facelift.

  • The High-Bar in Turkey’s Healthcare

Turkey’s medical facilities don’t merely provide economical solutions but also comply with elevated global standards. Numerous Turkish hospitals hold Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, signifying their commitment to meeting stringent performance criteria.

  • Recuperating in the Picturesque City of Istanbul

Istanbul provides facelift patients with the added advantage of recuperating in one of the planet’s most stunning cities. Its rich cultural legacy, vibrant lifestyle, and mesmerizing architecture present an ideal setting for restful healing.

  • Tailor-made Facelift Packages in Turkey

Multiple Turkish clinics, including the Lera Clinic in Istanbul, propose customized facelift packages. These often encompass the surgical process, pre and post-operative care, lodging, and occasionally city excursions, delivering a worry-free experience to patients.

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Lerra Clinic: The Best for Plastic Surgery

Renowned for its dedication to high-caliber plastic surgeries, including facelifts, the Lerra Clinic in Istanbul stands in a class of its own. Their internationally trained surgical crew brings a wealth of experience, providing a tranquil and nurturing atmosphere for patient convalescence… Get Get Free Medical Consultation Now With Lerra Clinic The best Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

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FAQs About Facelift in Turkey:

What's the expected recovery duration after a facelift?

The recovery period may vary; however, typically, patients can recommence their routine activities within two weeks. A comprehensive recovery may span a few months.

What are the potential hazards associated with a facelift?

Like all surgical interventions, facelifts may present certain risks such as infection, scarring, and anesthesia-induced complications. However, choosing a trustworthy clinic and surgeon significantly reduces these risks.

Does Turkey offer financing options for my facelift?

Many clinics, including Lera Clinic, provide flexible financing alternatives, making the procedure more economical.Get Free Medical Consultation Now With Lerra Clinic The best Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Will my facelift yield natural-looking results?

A seasoned surgeon with sufficient expertise can guarantee results that are natural and harmoniously blend with your facial characteristics.

An Array of Facelift Alternatives in Turkey?

Turkey proudly presents a broad range of facelift variants – mini-facelifts focusing on select areas like the neck, mid-face lifts addressing cheeks and lower eyelids, and traditional or ‘complete’ facelifts for all-inclusive facial rejuvenation.


At the end of this enlightening journey, it is clear that Turkey, particularly Istanbul, has proved its prowess in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The Lerra Clinic in Istanbul is an excellent choice if facial facelift surgery is being considered. It combines the advantages of high-quality medical care, cost effectiveness, and an engaging cultural experience.Contact us now to take your first step toward a revitalized version of yourself. Start your journey with professionals that prioritize your happiness and well-being above all else.

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