Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery in Turkey

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

What Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?

The Brazilian butt lift, also known as BBL surgery or gluteoplasty surgery has gained popularity over the decade or so thanks, to celebrities who have opted for this procedure. As a result more people have become familiar with the benefits of the BBL process. Have started seeking a perkier and shapely appearance for their buttocks. Factors like aging, pregnancy, significant weight loss and other influences can lead to flattening or widening of the buttocks over time.

BBL surgery provides a solution to combat the effects of aging, childbirth and fluctuations in weight on the buttocks. This technique typically combines methods such as liposuction and abdominoplasty to achieve a transformation. By using implants fat is harvested from areas of the body through liposuction by the surgeon. This fat is then Strategically injected into the buttocks area to enhance its shape, projection and curvature. By removing fat from body parts and transferring it to the buttocks region. BBL surgery offers patients multiple benefits simultaneously – an overall sculpted physique along with a fuller uplifted rear end featuring improved contours, for a youthful and curvaceous appearance.

When you decide to undergo a butt lift surgery here's what you can expect

The process usually starts with the administration of anesthesia to keep you comfortably asleep during the procedure. Your surgeon will then make an incision, along your hip line. Lift the buttocks area by removing skin.

Next comes liposuction, where the surgeon carefully eliminates fat from areas like the hips, back, abdomen or other suitable regions. This extracted fat is. Prepared for injection into your buttocks to enhance their volume and shape. In situations butt implants might be used for fat grafts based on your desired results and your surgeon’s advice.

Typically performed in a hospital environment especially when working with a team of board certified bbl surgeons in Turkey like those at Lerra Clinic. Their expertise increases the chances of achieving outcomes. Throughout your recovery period following dressing requirements and diligently adhering to your doctors guidance is crucial to prevent any complications.

The BBL team will provide instructions on positioning, movements as well as sitting or sleeping postures to avoid putting pressure on the treated areas.

It is important to go for walks after the gluteoplasty operation to avoid blood clots even though you might feel some discomfort and pain initially. Your surgeon will suggest using cushions under your thighs when sitting up and may recommend sleeping on your side or stomach in the stages of recovery.

If you want to get a BBL in Turkey, Lerra is one of the top picks and it’s seen as a leading spot for health trips. At Lerra, our great BBL doctor group is happy to aid you with your asks on BBL Turkey and bum lift with no cut. Plus, our crew can give you clear thoughts on how it works and what to look for before and after the Brazilian Butt Lift. Do also ask away on any other fixes you might like, like chest make-bigger, private part make-better, and lots more.

Brazilian Butt Lift Vs. Traditional Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and traditional butt lift are two different procedures intended to improve the looks of buttocks, however their approaches differ. Traditional butt lift, also known as buttock lift or belt lipectomy focuses mainly on removal of excess skin and tightening of underlying tissues in order to give a lifted and more toned appearance of buttocks. This procedure is usually recommended for persons who have lost significant amounts of weight or aged thus leading to saggy skin and loss of butt volume.

On the other hand, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a more extensive procedure that not only lifts the buttocks but also increases its size and shapes it using fat grafting. During BBL, liposuction is done by the surgeon first to remove fat from areas like abdomen, thighs or back. This fat is then refined before being strategically injected into the butts giving them a fuller, rounder and more projecting contour. BBL is done on people who want their bottoms to look curvier with more volume while also correcting any flabbiness or sagging skin around such areas.

Techniques of Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

In Turkey, advanced techniques are used by experienced plastic surgeons to perform Brazilian Butt Lift operations in order to get safe and effective results. Among the techniques is liposuction which includes carefully removing extra fat from areas like the abdomen, flanks or thighs. This not only provides for adequate grafting fat but also helps shape and sculpt the surrounding areas.

After harvesting, the fat goes through a specialized processing and purification phase that removes impurities and prepares it for injection into the buttocks. The purified fat is then introduced strategically into different parts of the buttocks using specialized cannulas to achieve desired shape, volumes, and contours.

Surgeons may also incorporate sculpting techniques in enhancing shape of buttocks besides creating a more defined lifted appearance by employing lifts, incisions or tightening of underlying tissues.

Benefits Of Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an alternative for those who want their buttocks to appear rounder and younger. One of the key merits is that this enables one to enhance both the shape and volume of their buttocks through the use of fat grafting. It helps increase the volume of the buttocks by a large magnitude and gives it a more rounded, projected aspect which is desirable for an hourglass figure.

In contrast to implants, which may sometimes look unnatural, Brazilian Butt Lift gains natural looking results using the patient’s own fat. Consequently, this prevents implant-related complications and allows it to merge with other tissues properly.

Furthermore, BBL has another benefit in that it can help improve overall body contours. In order to sculpt a more harmonious frame, excess fat can also be removed from other parts such as abdomen, flanks or thighs during liposuction stage of procedure.

When taken care of properly after surgery and at a consistent weight, grafted fat from a BBL can give long-lasting outcomes as released adipocytes get incorporated into host tissue. Moreover, BBL comes with various levels of augmentation ranging from subtle improvements up to drastic changes depending on what patients desire to achieve.

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For Brazilian Butt Lift

Just like any surgery, taking care and knowing if you are right for it are key for a good end result. Here’s a closer look at the things that make someone the right pick for a BBL:

What You Need to Succeed: Your Body Type

Good Health: The most important thing is to be well all over. If you have any health problems, your doctor has aid you to make sure it’s safe for you to have the cut and fix.

Weight: The BBL won’t make you lose weight, but you need to be near your best weight. This helps make sure the fat that’s moved stays in place and looks real.

Fat to Use: The BBL takes fat from parts like your belly, legs, or sides with liposuction and then puts it in your butt. You need enough fat in these spots to reshape your body well.

Aims and Hopes: Making Sure You and Reality Match

Be Real: The BBL makes your shape better, not brand new. Talking well with your doctor about what you want and knowing what can’t be done is key to getting results that look real and not being let down. 

Wanting Better Shape: If your butt is naturally not round or is flat and you want to put roundness and shape to it, the BBL could be a good way to fill out your shape.

Stay Healthy: To keep the results lasting long, eating well and moving often is very big. Being healthy helps you heal, keeps the fat in place, and helps you feel your best.

Skin: The Start of a Smooth Change

Stretch in Skin: Skin that’s healthy and can stretch lets it shape around the new fat. Good skin stretch means a smoother, more real look after the fix.

Things about Your Way of Life: Making Your Path Better

No Smoking: Not smoking helps you heal faster and cuts down on risks from the cut and fix. You should not smoke or stop it well before the fix to be the best for it and to heal.

Mind Ready: Being Upbeat is Big

Stay Positive: Keeping a good idea of the fix and real hopes about the end is very big for a good trip with BBL.

If you’re looking into a BBL, meet with a doctor who’s a real pro at this fix. They can check if it’s right for you, tell you more about the cut and fix, and talk through your aims to see if the BBL can meet what you dream of for your body.

Cost of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Turkey

The starting price, for a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey is €2270 excluding expenses like hospital and hotel fees, transportation, pre and post surgery medical services, consultations and follow up care. For information on services please reach out to our sales consultants.

The total cost of BBL surgery in Turkey varies depending on factors such as the surgeons expertise, hospital location, surgery duration, material costs, overall health condition, desired outcomes and the fat removal process. Since the fat used for BBL is sourced from the patients body itself the amount of fat removed also influences the cost. As a result each patient may have a cost estimate for their BBL procedure.

To get a price estimate for your butt lift in Turkey it is crucial to schedule a consultation. The final cost will be determined based on factors like techniques utilized, treatment area quantity, fat removal volume required, patients health status, and surgeons proficiency.

Turkey stands out as a destination for BBL procedures compared to prices, in the UK and other European countries. This competitive pricing has led to an increasing number of patients choosing Istanbul for their treatments.

Turkish plastic surgeons have gained expertise. Are considered highly skilled compared to their European counterparts.

Before And After Images Of Brazilian Butt Lift

The before and after pictures are testament to the fact that Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery can completely change one’s body shape. They offer a visual depiction of the amazing outcomes achievable with this procedure, allowing potential clients to form realistic expectations and make informed choices. This may look as simple as it is but it tends to show how competent surgeons are in their work. In addition, these images can provide hope and motivation for persons who seek improvement in their physical appearance.

These pictures portray how a BBL can sculpt and enhance the buttocks by using fat grafting and contouring techniques so as to increase its volume or lift it up or make it more curvaceous all over. They demonstrate the drastic improvements that can be brought about by reshaping the projection of the buttocks and augmenting their overall proportions.

Risks & Considerations of BBL

Despite its numerous advantages, it is crucial for patients to know the risks and precautions associated with Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Similar to any surgery, BBL has certain risks that need careful evaluation and discussion with a surgeon.

One of the main dangers associated with BBL is the potential occurrence of fat embolism, which might occur if fat injected mistakenly enters into bloodstreams or migrates to lungs. This life-threatening condition demonstrates how important it is to select experienced and competent surgeons who are following right steps and safety guidelines.

There are also other probable hazards connected with BBL such as: infection; bleeding; asymmetry; seroma (fluid accumulation); poor take of fat grafts making revisions necessary for satisfactory outcomes. Moreover, there is always a possibility of contour irregularities or unevenness in areas where liposuction was carried out during this procedure like all other surgeries involving liposuction.

Other considerations patients should have at back of mind are regarding recuperation from this type of procedure. In the beginning, there could be swelling, bruising, pain which may last for weeks. This requires adherence to post-operative instructions such as wearing compression garments at all times and not sitting or putting pressure on treated surfaces so that recovery becomes possible with optimal results in place.

Why Should You Choose Lerra Clinic for BBLSurgery in Turkey

Choosing to have a Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey, Lerra Clinic is one of the best places that you could go. Reasons why you should consider going to Lerra Clinic include:

Experienced and Skillful Surgeons: By having highly experienced and skilled plastic surgeons who are well trained to carry out BBL procedures, Lerra Clinic ensures expertise. They apply safe and precise techniques for minimizing risks related with the operation.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: This clinic has advanced medical facilities and technology for BBL procedure that make it safe and comfortable for patients.

All-Round Treatment: Preoperative consultations, individualized treatment plans and detailed post-surgery care contribute towards making your recovery journey smooth at Lerra Clinic.

Competitive Prices: In addition to ensuring that quality standards remain high as well as safety measures observed, Lerra Clinic provides competitive prices for such BBL procedures; this makes it an attractive destination for medical tourism in Turkey.

Personalized Approach: The surgeons from this facility are keen on personalizing their approach by carefully assessing the specific needs of each patient as well as their goals so as to work out a unique treatment plan which will give them natural looking outcomes that they desire.

When you pick Lerra Clinic for your bbl surgery, know that safe, skilled people who care about your health, good life, and being happy will look after you. We know a lot about food, being active, and feeling good all around, and no one does it better.

Make the move to get the body you want. Set up a time to talk with our top body fixers. Check out our webpage or give us a ring to hear more about our brazilian butt lift work and how we can help you get the round backside you dream of.


The outcomes of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBB) could last a long time, if you keep your weight the same and live healthy. The fat cells that get moved usually make a new blood flow and stick in the butt area, making the change stay for good. But, weight going up and down, having a baby, or just getting older can make these results change as time goes by. 

For most, a Brazilian Butt Lift is a one-go thing, and you don't often have to get it done again. But, if your weight goes up or down a lot or other things make your butt look very different, you might need to do the surgery again to keep it looking how you want. Staying at a steady weight and doing what your doctor says after the surgery can help make the big butt you got last longer. 

After a butt augmentation surgery, great care should be taken while sitting. This is because applying pressure to the buttocks can cause deformities. Therefore, the desired results cannot be achieved. After a butt augmentation surgery, you can sit or lay safely using the pillows provided by your doctor. 

How much fat you can put in your butt for a Brazil Butt Lift (BBL) changes by a few things: your body shape, the look you want, and how much extra fat you have to use. In short, docs try to add enough fat to make it look good without adding too much, which can cause trouble. 

After the BBL procedure, surgical scars without depth can be seen. However, these scars can disappear quickly with regular care and attention. 

In a BBL, they take fat from some parts of your body and put it in your butt. If you get a lot heavier after, the fat left where they took it from can get big, and that might change how you first looked. But, the new fat in your butt should stay the same size and shape. 

Docs often say no hard work-outs for about 4-6 weeks after a BBL so you can heal right and keep away from bad things happening. You might walk a bit or move easy sooner, but it's key to do what your doc says to get better safely and well. 

Brazilian Butt Lift outcomes are regarded as semi-permanent. So, just what would that imply? If you maintain a somewhat balanced living, the effects of the procedure will normally last anywhere around 12 and 15 years. If you do not however look after your body, the consequences might last merely ten years. If you’re a fit grownup with a reasonable awareness of what’s included and what to hope for in terms of outcomes, you’re a suitable candidate for a BBL and will benefit for decades! 

Candidates who are considering BBL should ideally be close, to their target weight as substantial changes in weight post surgery could affect the outcomes. Your doctor will assess your BMI and general well being to assess if you are a candidate, for the procedure. 

Some discomfort and pain are expected after a BBL 

Yes, a BBL can be combined with procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck, or breast surgery.  

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