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Terms and Conditions


Lerra Clinic offers intermediary services and health tourism services for people who desire services to obtain care under ideal circumstances. The terms of the relationship between the individuals receiving healthcare services through Lerra Clinic and Lerra Clinic, as well as the commitments of the parties, are governed by this contract. Everyone who requests to receive medical care from Lerra Clinic must agree to the conditions of this agreement. By agreeing to this contract, patient candidates formally consent to Lerra Clinic Health Tourism’s application of its terms during their treatment. Those who do not agree to these terms will not be allowed to use Lerra  Clinic’s services. The terms and conditions are as follows:


Contract: This contract.

Lerra Clinic: Bahcelievler / İstanbul Turkey.

Patient: A client of Lerra Clinic receiving medical treatment.

Physician: The medical expert who will provide healthcare.

Service Provider: the company that will deliver medical care.


2.1. Lerra Clinic allows patient and physician consultation and/or communication. Preliminary information regarding the operations requested is given to the patient by Lerra Clinic, and if the procedure is approved, support services like accommodation and transportation are provided.

2.2. Under the Contract, Lerra Clinic will offer support in:

  • a) In-depth details regarding the patient’s package
  • b) In-depth details regarding the cost of the package
  • c) In-depth details regarding visa and passport requirements (this information can also be obtained from https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/)
  • d) Information about the health requirements for accommodation and transportation.
  • e) The dates and places of the stops along the way, as well as the transportation links.
  • f)Name, address, and contact information for the doctor, the patient’s service provider, or a local representative that the patient can contact for help.

2.3. Lerra Clinic relies all its treatment recommendations on the data (such as images, test results, medications, x-rays, etc.) provided by the patient and examined by the Lerra Clinic. This information is shared by email or phone or personally. As a result, the Patient’s treatment plan may alter, or the clinic may decide not to administer therapy when the Patient is physically seen by the Service Provider prior to treatment. The Patient has the choice to stop the suggested treatment. If such a change takes place in certain circumstances, the Patient will be compensated following deductions for testing, consultations, and other costs. Lerra Clinic does not cover the costs of services provided by third parties, such as hotel stays and transfers, and Lerra Clinic is not responsible for reimbursing the Patient for these costs.

2.4. Considering the Service Provider’s expenditures, such as additional accommodation and travel charges, Lerra Clinic offers a revised pricing quote if the patient decides to proceed with a new treatment plan. If a patient modifies their treatment plan, Lerra Clinic is not liable for any inconsistencies, impossibilities, or additional fees that may result.

2.5. Non-Disparagement: The patient pledges not to publicly criticize, attack, or disparage Lerra  Clinic, or any of its executives, staff, suppliers, or directors (including, but not limited to, leaving disparaging remarks on any website or social media). The Patient agrees not to criticize Lerra Clinic or any employee or do anything that might harm Lerra  Clinic’s services, management, credibility, or reputation at any point during or after the Contract duration. If this item is violated, the Patient agrees to immediately remove the previously mentioned damaging and offensive content and to make up for any financial and emotional harm done to Lerra  Clinic.

2.6. Lerra Clinic acts as a facilitator and has no operational or administrative control over the services provided by the service provider, hotels, travel agencies, or transfer companies. By agreeing to the Contract, the patient understands that Lerra Clinic is just acting as an intermediary and that Lerra Clinic refuses any guarantees about the service provided by third parties and any damages incurred because of such service. Prior to making an appointment with Lerra  Clinic, the patient agrees to read and accept all terms and conditions of third-party providers.

2.7. Lerra Clinic must provide the patient adequate notice if it needs to cancel or modify the reservation. The patient has two options in these situations: either reschedule their appointment with Lerra Clinic or cancel the appointment and obtain a refund less any applicable fees. However, Lerra Clinic is not liable for any indirect fees or damages that may result from reservation cancellation or alteration. Once more, in the event of a force majeure circumstance beyond its control, Lerra Clinic will not be liable for any harm to the Patient. Instances of force majeure can include but are not limited to, flight delays or cancellations, terrorist attacks, war, civil unrest, strikes, natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics, as well as any legal or administrative measures that will influence how people travel, stay in places, and receive medical care.


3.1. Before agreeing to the Contract, the patient is required to read all available information, including that on Lerra  Clinic’s website, to ask Lerra Clinic any questions he may have, to get answers to those questions, and to learn more about the conditions and results of the Contract.

3.2. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport and any necessary visas, as well as any other documentation needed for accommodation, travel, and medical care. They are also responsible for sending any necessary passenger information to the airline prior to their flight, as well as fulfilling any entry requirements for both their final destination and any transfer points.

3.3. The Patient will be liable for any damages, including being denied entry to the country, paying for an early return flight, delaying the anticipated processes, or being subject to sanctions, if The Patient fails to fulfill the obligations, provides false information, or documents, or misses the flight. The Patient acknowledges and agrees that Lerra Clinic will not be held accountable in these situations or be held responsible for any compensation, costs, or refunds.

3.4. Prior to departure, the patient agrees to do the appropriate research on any health requirements and suggested immunizations. Lerra Clinics suggests consulting a general practitioner in your region for help.


4.1. 4.1. The patient transmits the necessary information and records to the Lerra essor’s clinic before beginning the process of receiving medical care. The information and documentation are examined by the Lerra essor’s Clinic to confirm the patient’s eligibility for care. The patient consents to provide Lerra essor Clinic with all necessary documents, including copies of his medical history, test results, prescriptions, and X-rays. The patient acknowledges and accepts that Lerra essor Clinic will not be held liable for any adverse effects that may result from these records and state information being missing or incorrect.

4.2. The patient consents to Lerra Clinic receiving their patient file, which includes their pre- and post-therapy scans as well as the treatment plan, examination, and treatment results. Lerra Clinic commits not to use, sell, or otherwise disclose this information to third parties for any reason other than to deliver the services that the patient has requested and for authorized uses.


5.1. Lerra Clinic will choose the services to be offered and performed in accordance with the patient’s chosen treatment plan. The Patient will get information from Lerra Clinic in a separate package, including payment terms, expenses covered by the payment, and the amount of the payment.

5.2. Additional fees will apply to any tests and medical procedures that are considered necessary because of the patient’s medical history, unique situations, or unforeseeable events. Similarly, there will be an additional fee if you must stay in the hospital for more than one night.

5.3. The patient pays the deposit necessary for Lerra Clinic to confirm the appointment when they accept the Contract and the proposal. Before departing the country, the patient makes the final payment. Lerra Clinic will provide payment procedures and methods in a separate package. If the patient commits a breach of the Contract Lerra Clinic is under no obligation to provide any services if they do not satisfy the requirements in this “payment” section.


A written cancellation request must be sent to Lerra Clinic by the patient at any time. The cancellation will take effect as of the day Lerra Clinic receives the written notice of cancellation. The amount of costs due will vary depending on when the cancellation notice is received. Lerra Clinic will keep the deposit paid as the reservation fee in the event of cancellation. Along with the treatment booking form, a detailed report on the cancellation and any potential deductions will be given to the patient.


7.1. The patient’s personal information, including medical records, is stored by Lerra Clinic with the highest possible security. Lerra Clinic does not sell, rent, or otherwise make use of or share this data.

7.2. Lerra Clinic is dedicated to adhering to Turkish data protection laws to maintain patient confidentiality. It can be used to promote The Patient’s before and after treatment scans, enhance Lerra  Clinic’s website, offer patients the services they require track the outcomes of treatments, as well as conduct research and analysis for product development.


Turkish law governs this contract, and Turkish courts have sole authority over it.


The contract is deemed read and accepted by any patient candidate who communicates with Lerra Clinic.