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Some men, particularly the elderly, experience an increase in breast size, which creates a negative psychological state in which they are embarrassed about their unwanted appearance, particularly when wearing light clothing, as is the case in the summer. Obesity is the most important factor contributing to the rise in gynecomastia in men. Because of taking certain medications that caused an increase in the size of the breast, which could be due to a hormonal imbalance, the cosmetic world did not leave anything to chance and found a solution for it. Now, the best in Europe, Lerra Clinic, offers you the perfect solution to remove gynecomastia in men, and to perform the procedure of removing gynecomastia in men, all you have to do is contact our specialized and best medical team to provide the best free medical advice to remove gynecomastia in men

Under general anesthesia, surgical incisions are made around the areola of the breast "the nipple" to remove excess sagging skin and fibrous or fatty tissue that causes an increase in the size of the breast, and then the surgical incision is sutured so that things return to normal and the breast becomes its natural manly size, as well as adjusting the male hormone "testosterone" in the man's body to ensure that breast size does not increase again.

The procedure to remove gynecomastia in men is considered a therapeutic rather than a cosmetic procedure because it controls the causes that led to an increase in breast size by removing the parts that cause this in addition to adjusting the hormone.

Before performing the procedure, you must follow the instructions of the Lerra Clinic doctor. To have a blood transfusion, you need to stop any treatments that might increase the amount of fluid in your blood, such as aspirin. You'll also need to do some tests to make sure the transfusion is safe and the right type for your case, and to find out your family's history of blood diseases in order to avoid any risks.

After getting surgery to remove Gynecomastia in Lerra Clinic, you may feel a little sore and tired for a few weeks. You'll need to follow the doctor's instructions carefully to get the best results. Some people stay overnight in the hospital to make sure they are comfortable.

Your complete commitment to the doctor's instructions protects you from any complications after the procedure is completed, as well as works to quickly overcome the recovery period and return to normal life, and you, dear men, will feel the moral and tangible difference after performing this procedure under the supervision of the Lerra Clinic doctor.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our medical team to perform the gynecomastia removal procedure and enjoy a natural manly life without being ashamed of the appearance of the breast and enjoying an attractive body.

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