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Losing a lot of weight quickly can lead to excess skin that can be unattractive and distressing for the individual. Skin sagging usually occurs in the upper extremities due to extensive loss of muscle and fat that cannot be corrected by liposuction alone. In these situations, it may be possible to turn to an arm lift, which involves localized reductions in adipose and subcutaneous tissue and can restore the patient’s skin tone and youthful appearance.

 The best Arm Lift in Istanbul is performed perfectly at Lerra Clinic to improve the patient’s quality of life and help them regain a positive sense of themselves.

What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

Also known as a brachioplasty arm lift, it removes excess subcutaneous fat from the arms for a cosmetic appearance. An arm lift is mostly used to make the arms look slimmer and more sculpted. This is done by removing excess skin that may hang down, a problem often called “bat wings,” and removing extra fat with liposuction.

Brachioplasty is a surgical procedure that combines different plastic and aesthetic surgery techniques, such as

  •       Removal of excess skin
  •       Liposculpture
  •       Liposuction of localized fat accumulations
  •       Lipofilling of empty areas, i.e., the autologous reimplantation of adipose tissue taken from other areas of the patient’s body

Thanks to Arm Lift in Turkey, the arms are completely reshaped. Corrective surgery is extensive depending on whether the defects to be corrected are mild, moderate, or severe.

Arm Lift in Turkey is an almost painless surgical operation lasting an hour and a half and the patient goes home the same day, with a special dressing.

Why Is an Arm Lift Important?

Brachioplasty surgery reshapes arm aesthetics by removing excess skin and fat, replacing “bat wings” with a more proportionate shape.

 An arm lift in Turkey is suitable for men and women who experience excess skin and fat on the inside of their arms. Significant weight loss or aging may be the cause of this problem.   

With brachioplasty, you will get significant results as you wish:

  • Reshape your arms by eliminating excess skin and fat.
  •   Improve the appearance of arms that have been damaged by significant weight changes or the natural aging process.
  • Restore your arm’s tone and youthful appearance.

Who is a suitable candidate for arm lift surgery?

Before brachioplasty surgery, the patient must be at least 18 years of age, in good overall health, not a smoker or willing to quit, and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. It is important to remember that brachioplasty is not a weight loss method, but a way to improve the appearance of the arms after weight changes or aging have caused excess skin.

 All patients whose body weight is stable, normal-sized, and in good physical condition, but who have fat deposits located in the arms, perhaps accompanied by excess skin.

Usually, this condition coincides with the effects of a slimming diet, which has corrected a situation of severe obesity.

The arm lift is not a dietary therapy and cannot be used to lose weight without first a serious adjustment of the diet and the restoration of correct physical activity.

Overweight or obese patients, therefore, before undergoing any brachioplasty operation, must categorically begin a personalized path with a doctor specialized in nutritional sciences, to first eliminate excess fat and, only then, remove it.

 Given this, the ideal candidates for brachioplasty surgery are:

  •       Men and women returning from a slimming diet that has caused significant weight loss, prolonged over time, which has resulted in an excess of skin tissue, is impossible to eliminate with physical activity.
  •       Women suffering from advanced-stage lipedema, localized on the arms and with a skin surface that presents visible irregularities (nodules, depressions, etc.)

Benefits of Arm Lift or Brachioplasty

Physical Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

  1.     Reduction of Sagging Skin and Tissue Tightening:

    The decrease of drooping skin and tightening and smoothing of the supporting tissues under the arm are two of the main physical advantages of an arm lift. A decrease of skin elasticity in the upper arm area over time, brought on by factors like aging, loss of weight, or heredity, can result in extra skin that sags and gives the appearance of “bat wings.” By eliminating the extra skin and tightening the underlying tissues, Brachioplasty solves this problem and gives the arm a tighter, more toned appearance. Your arms’ functionality can be enhanced by this physical change, enabling you to move more freely and comfortably.

  1.     Improved Comfort after Weight Loss or Weight Loss Surgery:

    Weight loss is a major accomplishment, whether it comes through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. However, there is a lot of excess skin in many areas of the body, such as the armpits. This extra skin can be irritating and can chafe the skin. For those who have lost weight, an arm lift is an excellent choice because it not only looks better but also greatly increases comfort. It takes care of the physical discomfort and skin-related problems caused by extra arm skin so that patients may fully take advantage of their weight loss journey.

  1. Prevention of Inflammation and Rashes:
    Inflammation and rashes can develop as a result of excess skin folds in the upper arms creating an environment where moisture and friction can build up. These skin problems could be not only uncomfortable but also infectious. Brachioplasty aids in preventing these issues and promotes better skin health and general well-being by removing the extra skin and reshaping the arm contour.
  1. Elimination of Hygiene Issues
    Having extra skin in the upper arms can make it difficult to practice good hygiene. It can be challenging to sufficiently wash and dry the skin folds, which could raise issues with cleanliness. By eliminating the extra skin, an arm lift overcomes these problems and leaves behind a smoother, more accessible surface that is simpler to take care of. This improves physical comfort while also lowering the possibility of skin irritations and infections.

Aesthetic Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

Beyond the physical advantages, an arm lift offers significant aesthetic benefits:

  1. Enhanced Aesthetic Appearance:

A more contoured and youthful appearance of the arms is the awaited result of an arm lift. An arm contour that is sculpted and visually pleasing is a result of the removal of extra skin and tightening of supporting tissues. This improvement can increase self-confidence and motivate people to feel more at ease wearing swimsuits, sleeveless attire, and other outfits that show the arms.

Psychological Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery

  •       Improved Self-Esteem:

One’s view of their body and self-esteem may suffer if their upper arms are sagging or have excess skin. Many people experience self-consciousness and may refrain from participating in activities that expose their arms or wearing sleeveless clothes. Physical adjustments to fit a person’s appearance can have a profound effect on self-esteem. Feeling more comfortable in one’s body can lead to a positive self-image and increased overall well-being.

Types of Brachioplasty

  1.     Traditional Brachioplasty

    Traditional brachioplasty or arm lift entails removing extra skin from the area under the upper arm. The arm will have a long scar from the underarm to the elbow following a typical brachioplasty. To get rid of any extra fat, liposuction will also be done if necessary.

    People who want to get rid of a lot of extra skin may consider this operation. The long, noticeable scar that runs down the upper arm because of this treatment is a drawback. However, if you decide to use this surgery, your surgeon can give you advice on how to reduce the visibility of the scar over time.

  1.     Minimal incision Brachioplasty
    There are alternatives for those who decide against getting an arm lift due to the lengthy scar. People who have less excess skin to remove, and good skin elasticity, may be appropriate candidates for the minimal incision brachioplasty.

    With the Minimal incision brachioplasty technique, the incision can be made underneath the arm, which reduces its visibility. Because you might not be able to remove all the excess skin and will not be able to get the optimum results, this method might not be appropriate for those with a lot of excess skin and people who have poor skin laxity.
  1.     Extended Brachioplasty
    Some individuals could discover that the extra skin covers the chest and the arms. Extended brachioplasty can be the most effective procedure in this situation. The incision for this is the same as for a conventional Brachioplasty and extends from the elbow to the underside of the arm. The extended Brachioplasty incision, however, extends over the arm and onto the chest wall to allow for the removal of more excess skin.

An Overview of How Arm Lift Surgery is Performed

Arm lift surgery is a common solution for patients with sagging arms in Turkey since it is quick and produces reliable results. After identifying the cause of the patient’s drooping arms, the arm lift operation is started after taking the patient’s medical history into account. Each patient requires a treatment strategy that is tailored to his or her condition, thus the equipment and techniques utilized in the arm lift process are chosen based on the prior data. Depending on the patient’s health, an arm lift might last anywhere from one to three hours.

Surgery for arm lifts occasionally uses a variety of anesthesia techniques. The doctor decides whether local anesthesia or general anesthesia is required for the patient, considering their past surgeries, current health, and personal preferences.

Making an incision from the inside of the arm to the armpit and then extracting fat from the drooping skin are two steps in the arm lift operation. During arm lift surgery in Turkey, the arms are sewn utilizing the cosmetic suturing technique, ensuring that they mend over time. The arm lift procedure’s ability to heal rapidly is its key strength point; even if the patient opts for general anesthesia, his hospital stay will only be extended by one day following surgery. 

Before arm lift surgery (Preoperative Preparation)

  • The surgeon should be aware of any current medical treatments, including corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, antihypertensives, cardioactive agents, anticoagulants to drop into the body, laxatives, antibiotics, sedatives, sleeping pills, blood pressure stimulants, and others.
  • Quit taking any acetylsalicylic acid-containing drugs.
  • One month before surgery, patients are advised to stop using oral contraceptives.
  • Stop smoking at least one week before surgery.
  •  Immediately report any new colds, sore throats, coughs, and skin disorders.
  • Avoid eating after midnight, but up to six hours before the procedure, you can drink clear liquids like water or tea.
  • Wash your hands and toes thoroughly, take off all nail paint, quit body creams and oils, and shave your underarms.
  • Plan for a companion to stay with you during the recovery period.

After Arm Lift Surgery (Recovery and Post-operative Care)

  1.  1. Day 1 of the immediate postoperative period
    Even though the arm can still hurt on the first postoperative day, the patient will be urged to get out of bed and move around.
  1. The Initial Weeks Following Surgery
    The patient must wear an anatomical compression girdle for three weeks following surgery.
  1. Upon Release from the Hospital
    The patient will leave the hospital with a compressive dressing that will be taken off after about a week, and they must be taken home with him.
    Following discharge, the patient must adhere to the surgeon’s recommended pain-relieving and anti-edema antibiotic therapy.
  1.     Stitches and Absorbable Sutures
    Most stitches are intradermal and absorbable, they are degraded by the body without needing to be removed. However, if the stitches have been removed, these will be removed in about a week.
  1.     Sensitivity Alterations
    After surgery, the patient might notice changes in the sensitivity of the arm in the first few weeks. Normally over time, these alterations will tend to resolve, normally within 6 weeks.
  1.     Activity Restrictions
    During the first week, the patient must avoid making efforts and must refrain from any intense physical activity for 2 weeks. After a month, you can resume participating in sports unless the surgeon advises otherwise.
  1.     Scar Care and Sun Protection
    For at least 60 days, keep the scar out of direct sunlight. For about a year you will have to wear a sun cream with 50+ protection on the scars, to prevent them from taking on a different, darker color than that of the surrounding skin. Scars will be most noticeable in the first 6 months after surgery but will progress slowly over time and lose their redness and thickness about a year after surgery
  1.     Special Consideration for Abnormal Scarring
    Some individuals are at greater risk of developing abnormal scars (hypertrophic, keloid…) after any type of surgery, no matter how well the suture was done or how scrupulously the patient followed the doctor’s advice. In such cases consult your doctor immediately!

Arm Lift in Turkey: Before and After Results

Thanks to our exceptional reputation for patient satisfaction and safety, as well as for delivering brilliant Arm Lift outcomes in Turkey and honest reviews, your experience with Lerra Clinic will be fulfilling. Here are just a few of the results from our brachioplasty in Turkey.  

Why Choose Lerra Clinic for Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey?

Lerra Clinic stands out for several reasons:

  • Our team of top surgeons in Turkey has extensive experience in Arm Lift Surgery procedures. 
  •  We maintain modern, well-equipped facilities to ensure patient safety and comfort.
  •  Patient satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.
  •  From consultation to recovery, we provide comprehensive care and support.

Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Istanbul, Turkey

The technique used will affect the cost of an arm lift in Turkey, but the hospital’s location and the medical equipment will have the biggest impact. At Lerra Clinic, we strive to provide you with the best arm lift price in Turkey by balancing competitive pricing with adherence to the highest standards of quality.

The price for an arm lift in Turkey as determined in this manner includes all professional and material fees (operating room, anesthesiologist, surgeon, medical and paramedical staff fees, materials, etc.), post-operative medical devices, hospitalization in a day hospital, or overnight accommodation (if the surgeon arranges for it). The pre-operative consultation with the anesthetist, the constant and simultaneous presence of the anesthetist (equipped with the most up-to-date monitoring and intervention tools), the assistant surgeon, and the plastic surgeon in the operating room during the procedure, the team’s availability for the first 24 hours, and the post-surgery check-ups are all always included as well.

The services provided by Lerra Clinic have been created to provide the highest standards of quality and safety for clients seeking arm lift surgery. When determining the cost of your Arm Lift in Turkey, ask yourself if the suggested cost is worth your safety. Don’t undervalue the significance of relying on qualified facilities, doctors, and organizations, capable of managing any unexpected incident.

You can learn the most precise and accurate information about arm lift costs in Turkey through the doctor who will perform the operation and thus have an idea of the price of arm lift in Turkey.


When people have considerable upper arm droop or extra skin, an arm lift becomes necessary. This disorder may be brought on by getting older, losing weight, or genetics. An arm lift may be suggested if the drooping skin is uncomfortable or affects one's confidence.

Each person's brachioplasty results will last a different amount of time. Duration of effects can vary depending on factors such as heredity, maturity, and lifestyle decisions. However, the effects of an arm lift can persist for a very long time with the right ongoing care.

Maintaining a constant weight, leading a healthy lifestyle, and shielding your skin from too much sun exposure are crucial for maximizing the long-term advantages of Brachioplasty. Maintaining arm tone and muscle definition can be done with regular exercise.

Some people may decide to have a revision brachioplasty or a second arm lift, to further enhance the aesthetics of their arms.

Arms sag as a result of skin elasticity loss, which can happen with age, severe weight reduction, or genetic predispositions. Skin loses its ability to bounce back when it becomes less elastic, which causes sagging or "bat wings."

Under general anesthesia, arm lift surgery is carried out without causing any pain to the patient. Although there will be some discomfort in the initial recovery, it can be managed with the help of the given painkillers

For arm lift surgery, there are no clear age restrictions. The individual's eligibility for the operation depends on things like skin elasticity, general health, and cosmetic objectives. For a unique evaluation, it is crucial to consult with a plastic surgeon.

You and the surgeon will talk about your objectives and worries at the initial appointment. They will review your medical history, do a physical examination, and thoroughly describe the procedure.

After an arm lift, the majority of patients can gradually resume their normal activities in a few weeks. However, as advised by your surgeon, you should refrain from heavy lifting and hard exercise for a longer period.

You must carefully adhere to the post-operative recommendations given by your surgeon if you want the finest outcomes from your arm lift. This entails donning compression clothing, keeping your weight steady, and shielding your skin from too much sun exposure.

After your arm lift is complete, a compression garment will be given to you to wear. This compression garment will aid in your recovery and lessen post-procedure edema. Wearing comfortable, loose clothing is the most crucial recommendation made to you as you recover from the operation.

To elevate the top portion of your body and have a good night's sleep, you'll need additional pillows. During the healing period following the arm lift treatment, doctors typically advise lying on your back.

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