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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

According to the medical and technological advancements in the world of cosmetics, there are a variety of cosmetic procedures and techniques, and one of the most prominent cosmetic procedures is "buttocks or buttocks augmentation," where there are several ways to enlarge the buttocks, including natural methods through the use of natural cosmetics, which need a long period for the appearance of results and may not reach the desired result There are cosmetic medical methods that will be mentioned in this article presented to you by Lerra Clinic, the first in Europe in the field of cosmetic procedures. The buttocks augmentation procedure is resorted to by women who suffer from a small size in their buttocks, which is considered one of the most important features of femininity and beauty for them, and there are many women who suffer from a small size of their buttocks, which may reflect negatively on their psychology and self-confidence, but the world of cosmetics, especially with Lerra Clinic He will offer you the safest and most optimal solution, which is buttock augmentation

By presenting the case to the specialist LERRA CLINIC doctor, the buttock augmentation procedure at Lerra Clinic is only performed after ensuring that the patient is suitable and that they can undergo this procedure. and after carrying out the necessary medical examinations to ensure the safety of the case for the augmentation procedure, and the doctor must be informed of any diseases chronic diseases that you suffer from, in addition to the importance of informing the doctor of the treatments that you are taking, if any, in order to find out if it is necessary to stop taking these treatments or not, especially those that prevent blood clotting such as aspirin, as you must stop taking them before the procedure for a period of not less than 15 days To prevent any bleeding during the procedure or even during the recovery period after completing the procedure.

Of course, there are two ways to do a buttock augmentation

First: Buttock augmentation through silicone implants:

Where this procedure is performed by making a surgical incision in a location determined by the Lerra Clinic doctor to be suitable for the condition and the required size, silicone implants intended to enlarge the buttocks, which resist shocks and weights, are implanted through this incision, since the butt is an important part where the person sits on it with all their weight, so Special silicone pads were made for the buttocks area to prevent them from bursting, in addition to that Lerra Clinic guarantees that the pads will not move from their place after the procedure, so you will be able to lead a normal life after the end of the recovery phase after the procedure.

At Lerra Clinic, the doctor starts by examining the patient to see if their health conditions allow them to have the surgery right now, and the buttock augmentation procedure with silicone fillings takes place under general anesthesia for the patient, and the success of the case is considered after the completion of the procedure according to your commitment to the doctor’s important instructions, the most important of which is not to sit on the buttocks in the first days after the procedure, and the number of days will be determined by the doctor based on the procedure itself and the size of the filling that was installed, in addition to that, abstaining from alcoholic beverages and treatments that prevent blood clotting such as aspirin, and adhering to the treatments that the doctor may prescribe for you, and it must avoid intimacy during the first days of the recovery period.

Second: Buttock augmentation through self-fat injection:

At Lerra Clinic, the doctor starts by examining the patient to see if their health conditions allow them to have the surgery right now, as this procedure is done through liposuction from an area in the body that has an increase in fat such as the abdomen, and re-processing of that fat, and purify it to be equipped to be injected into the buttocks area to enlarge it. With this procedure, the enlargement is through materials from the body itself, but determining this procedure based on the case itself and whether there is a possibility of fat in a specific area of the body that can be used to inject the buttocks.

The recovery procedures mentioned in the first method are similar to the procedure of self-fat injection, with the exception that the process of sitting on the buttocks in this procedure is faster than the previous procedure, due to the use of the person's own fat, which does not move from its place and fillers are not implanted, so this method is better than the method of silicone fillings, since the recovery period and return to normal life is faster, but the amount of fat may not be controlled in the final result. In silicone implants, the final size of the butt can be controlled as desired, but in fat injection there may be no freedom of control, depending on each case.

Dear women, in order for you to feel comfortable and safe and to reach the final result you desire in addition to having the procedure performed by the most skilled plastic surgeons, you must contact our medical team at LERRA CLINIC, the best among Turkish cosmetic hospitals, and we will be happy to give you the best medical advice.

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