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Zircon crowns for teeth

Zirconium Crowns (Dental Zircon)

Many people suffer from the appearance of their teeth, such as a fracture in some parts of the tooth, crooked tooth, or teeth that are not lined up evenly, side by side, and beautifully. Lerra Clinic provides the ideal and most powerful solution in the world of cosmetic dentistry, which is zircon or zirconium crowns, or a Hollywood smile using zirconium crowns, because the zircon material is characterized by its strength and hardness, allowing a person to live his or her normal life as if their teeth were 100% natural
Zirconium crowns are performed at Lerra Clinic Hospital in several sessions, which are determined by the doctor according to the condition and health of the teeth after conducting the necessary examinations. In addition, the zirconium crown sessions begin with the preparation of the teeth so that the tooth is suitable for the process of coating the material with zirconium and is therefore called a zirconium crown because it is covered with a tooth like a crown and the process of preparing and coating the teeth with zirconium does not consist of two consecutive operations at once, so the teeth are prepared in one session or maybe more sessions and the teeth are covered in another session, depending on the condition of the person's teeth and the number of teeth to be covered with zirconium crowns.
Following the completion of this procedure, the Lerra Clinic's attending physician will provide you with some instructions that must be followed in order to maintain a beautiful and attractive smile. After the necessary tests to determine the appropriate procedure to be performed, each procedure is determined based on the condition and health of the person's teeth. As a result, we recommend that you consult a doctor at Lerra Clinic about the best procedure for your teeth so that you can have an attractive, wonderful smile that will make you more confident. With Lerra Clinic, make sure it is your safe
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