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Zircon crowns for teeth

Zirconia Crowns for Teeth in Turkey

Over the last few years, there has been increasing use of new materials, capable of resisting the chewing load of the teeth and guaranteeing increasingly better aesthetic results. Among these materials, one particularly appreciated is that of zirconia. The name of the zirconia crown derives precisely from the fact that it is composed entirely of zirconium (zirconium oxide), a metallic element which, when combined with oxygen, allows the creation of prostheses that are advantageous for their hardness, resistance, and incredible shine. All these characteristics make zirconium an ideal product for the creation of crowns, which must guarantee solidity to the patient when chewing food and the right shine typical of natural teeth.

These are metal-free crowns, therefore ready to respond to the problem of the unsightly dark line typical of traditional ones with a metal core.
The best zirconia crowns for teeth in Istanbul are performed perfectly at Lerra Clinic to improve the patient’s quality of life and help them regain a positive sense of themselves.

What Is Zirconium Dental Crowns?

When we talk about “Zirconium Crowns “we mean crowns made of Zirconium oxide, a material developed over the last ten years, due to its high degree of biocompatibility and lightness, it is among the materials of excellence in the creation of high-quality dental

restoration. In addition to the qualities of brightness, aesthetics, and biological compatibility, zirconium has a hardness and resistance to bending that allows the construction of ceramics with a thickness of less than 2mm and the construction of extended bridges.

Zirconium-ceramic is much more resistant than traditional metal-ceramic crowns to masticate forces and is therefore preferable in the posterior sectors.

Why Choose Zirconia Crowns?

This type of fixed prosthesis is certainly the best and most innovative solution to protect one or more teeth compromised by decay or other pathologies.

In particular, Zirconium is the most suitable material for the reconstruction of dental elements because it guarantees wonderful aesthetics and excellent resistance

They are the best dental solutions proposed at Lerra Clinic to resolve the most difficult dental cases.

In Which Case Should You Prefer a Zirconia Crown Treatment In Turkey?

There are certainly many cases in which it is advisable to prefer a Zirconia crown because it is the best protection for a compromised tooth.

  • Our dentist offers this optimal prosthetic solution when a cavity comes to treatment in an advanced stage and the residual dental tissue is scarce.
  • If the tooth is halved compared to its size, it is not strong enough to support chewing and if treated with a simple filling it can fracture.
  • Instead, in these cases, the zirconia structure that covers it has the shape of the natural tooth and again allows correct chewing.
  • As far as aesthetics is concerned, Zirconium and Ceramic Crowns are the most beautiful things in fixed prosthetics.
  • In the same way, the nuances present on the tooth surface are marked, and different in each patient, which makes it natural.
  • Naturally, Zirconia, a very resistant material, is also used to construct dental bridges when one or two teeth are missing.

What Are The Advantages Of Zirconia Crowns Treatment?

Zirconia crowns have numerous advantages compared to traditional ones, and below we see the main ones together. 

First, it must be said that zirconia has a low heat conductivity and, consequently, all the discomfort that patients often experience concerning the intake of very hot (or, on the contrary, very cold) foods is reduced. 

The insertion of this type of dental crown does not require the excessive filing of the tooth, therefore basically the structure of the dental element is not excessively affected. The zirconia crown is also highly biocompatible because it does not contain metals or other substances that usually do not get along with our organism.

These zirconium crowns are produced very quickly compared to traditional ones and are always tailor-made for each patient; the speed of production also allows the patient not to spend too much time with the temporary prosthesis in the mouth. Zirconia then has an incredible aesthetic result, perfectly identical to that of a natural tooth, which ensures that those who undergo encapsulation have a smile that is nothing short of impeccable. To summarize, we can therefore say that these are the main reasons for choosing zirconia: it is beautiful, shiny, and more resistant to chewing than other materials, and its production process is much quicker.

Factors That Affect The Longevity of Zirconia Crowns

Oral hygiene: it is essential to maintain oral hygiene if you want to increase the duration of the crown. If the patient does not focus on hygiene, changes will occur in the gums that will ultimately cause their crown to fail. Brushing twice a day with dental floss will increase the life of your zirconia crowns.

How Long Do Zirconia Crowns Last?

Avoid hard foods: Once the dentist fixes the crown, it is very important to avoid very hard foods on that side. For example, hard candy, ice cubes, very sticky foods, crushing whole nuts, and avoiding opening any bottle with that tooth.

Regular dental follow-up: Visit your dentist every 6 months for regular cleaning and polishing. It is also advisable to take an x-ray when you visit the dentist to make sure everything is fine.

Follow your dentist’s instructions and maintain good oral hygiene so that your zirconia crown lasts longer without damage.

Types Of Zirconium Crowns Available At Lerra Clinic


Zirconium and Ceramic Crowns: in which zirconium constitutes the only internal structure of the capsule and is covered by an external layer of ceramic.

Zirconium-only crowns (monolithic): in which a monobloc is modeled and milled to obtain the appropriate shape and size.

Why Choose Lerra Clinic for Zirconium Crowns Treatment in Turkey?

Lerra Clinic stands out for several reasons:

  • Our team of top surgeons in Turkey has extensive experience in zirconium crown procedures.
  • We maintain modern, well-equipped facilities to ensure patient safety and comfort.
  • Patient satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.
  • From consultation to recovery, we provide comprehensive care and support.


Indeed. Zirconia is a metal-free substance that doesn't react allergic to materials.

No. Thanks to the material it is made of and the fact that it does not contain metal, zirconia does not change oral taste or bad odor in any way.

Zirconia does not cause plaque buildup thanks to its smooth, lubricating surface. As a result, it is not affected by dyes such as coffee, tea, or cigarettes.

Zirconium teeth require the same oral hygiene as real teeth. They should be brushed twice a day and flossed after each meal. In areas without teeth, Super floss is used instead of dental floss. You can take precautions and prevent problems if you go to the dentist for regular checkups every six months.

The finishing process is carried out under the effect of local anesthesia, after which tingling due to heat or cold is prevented by temporary crowns. Normally, the process ends without any problems.

The patient's dental health will determine how they are treated. Treatment takes one week for those with healthy gums. Many trial sessions are conducted during this time to determine whether the patient is satisfied with the outcome.

Crowns can only fall out if the tooth loses a lot of material over time due to decay. In these cases, the tooth is treated, if possible, and the crown is cemented again.

First, you need to treat gum disease. After treatment, zirconia crowns can be applied.

Yes. Zirconia crowns are tissue-compatible. The pink to purple discoloration of gingivitis, which is part of metal-based dentures, never occurs in this case. Furthermore, zirconium crowns do not cause gum recession and, in some cases, could do so (due to incorrect brushing technique), but they do not create a negative aesthetic appearance.

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