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Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Lerra Clinic offers you the first hospital in Europe, corrective and cosmetic dental procedures, as there are many people who suffer from a not-so-beautiful appearance of their teeth or crooked teeth, and this may affect them in their social life, as the teeth are considered the aesthetic front of the shape of the face and mouth. Any defects that appear in the teeth can be hidden, which may result in a negative psychological feeling for the person who suffers from an unaesthetic appearance of his teeth, but with lerra clinic you can safely perform corrective and cosmetic dental procedures at the hands of talented and experienced dentists with several years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Lerra clinic offers many cosmetic and corrective dental procedures that will give you a wonderful and beautiful look like that of celebrities and stars, where we can perform many cosmetic dental procedures, such as Hollywood smile using zirconium crowns, veneer lenses, gum aesthetics, botox injections for the jaw, and lumineer lenses for dental beautification, dental implants for those who have lost their natural teeth

Dental implants are a way to replace teeth that have been lost or damaged. In this procedure, the dentist will implant the implants into the jawbone. Then, they will create a bridge over the implant site. This bridge will hold teeth similar to natural teeth. The dentist will also give you assurances that the procedure will provide you with real, lasting results

Lerra Clinic has the most skilled doctors who can perform the Hollywood Smile procedure for you using zirconium crowns, which gives you perfect whiteness of the teeth, and a smile similar to the smile of celebrities and stars, and for this reason it is called “Hollywood Smile”, as through this procedure, teeth are sculpted and zirconium is installed on the teeth So that a zirconium crown is made for each tooth and it is placed as the crown is placed, it is called “Zirconium Crowns” or zircon, and this material is considered as hard as the hardness of natural teeth, and gives an ideal and beautiful appearance and whiteness to the teeth that attracts everyone’s eyes and makes them more eager to talk with you and see your smile to enjoy the beauty of the teeth.

As this procedure is used for people who have tooth deformation, holes, or yellowness, and the veneers are thin adhesive layers that are placed on the surface of the tooth, it means that white scales are attached to the teeth and fixed. In order to modify the shape of the teeth, materials that make these scales an integral part of the tooth are used, which is a similar procedure to lumineer lenses.but with crusts that are thinner than veneer lenses, so that there is no need to sculpt the surface of the tooth significantly, as Lerra Clinic doctors can perform these procedures smoothly. It is safe and with a 100% guaranteed result, so that you can enjoy a beautiful white smile

Dental procedures are not only limited to cosmetic purposes; many people suffer from large gum size, which may be accompanied by a small tooth size, and this matter may affect psychologically and limit your smile in order to avoid the appearance of this appearance, which is considered socially undesirable. However, with us at Lerra Clinic, we offer you the cosmetic and health procedure for the gums, where we can, through periodontal plastic surgery, remove the parts that cause the large size of the gums and dominate the appearance of the teeth, taking into account highlighting the tooth by means of laser or through surgery to remove the excess parts of the gums and highlight the appearance of the tooth. With this, you will have an attractive and beautiful smile that gives you a great self and decent social appearance.


Therefore, we advise you, dear readers, not to hesitate to contact us, LERRA CLINIC Hospital, to obtain optimal medical advice and to follow safe steps in your corrective cosmetic procedures. With us, you are in the address of safety and your mouth is a mirror to the hands of our doctors,

Some people have a lot of pressure on their teeth from the nerves near their jaw, which can cause erosion of their teeth and a lot of pain, but thanks to Botox, which is included in many cosmetic solutions, and it is a semi-essential substance and is involved in many cosmetic procedures, it had an effective role in finding the perfect solution and the safest thing is to reduce the pressure of the nerves in the jaw on the teeth, where Botox is injected into the jaw to paralyze these nerves and relieve their pressure on the teeth,  Dear reader, if you suffer from this problem, you will feel the difference after you take the decision for this procedure. This procedure will protect your teeth from the erosion caused by this pressure. We advise you to contact our medical team at Lerra Clinic to help you with this healthy cosmetic procedure to preserve your teeth

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