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Dental Treatment in Turkey

Over the past few years, Turkey has seen a considerable increase in dental tourism. The main factor attracting patients to Turkey is the chance to combine their vacation time in Turkey with access to more reasonably priced treatment. 

Lerra Clinic is an excellent choice if you are thinking of traveling to Turkey for both dental care and vacation. In addition to offering top-notch dental treatment at an affordable price, our clinic helps you arrange your trip.

Lerra Clinic offers high-level dental treatment in Istanbul, you can safely carry out any dental treatment, from dental reconstructions to dental aesthetics like Hollywood smile, to dental implants.

Types Of Dental Treatment Available at Lerra Clinic Istanbul, Turkey

Dental Implants

Dental implants restore the root portion of the tooth they replace. The part of the tooth that is above the gums and is visible in the oral cavity is restored by placing a crown that rests on the implant.

All dental implant surgeries are performed under local anesthesia.

Hollywood Smile

The most popular conventional approach in smile aesthetics these days is the Hollywood smile. When dealing with a Hollywood smile, our dentists first treat the teeth and gums, if needed, and then they develop the best aesthetic procedure for your unique face structure. Your stunning smile is finished with the application of extremely thin veneers, which give your teeth a polished, clean appearance.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin layers of material that are applied to the surface of the front teeth to improve their aesthetic appearance. They are made of ceramic, composite resin, or porcelain and can correct various dental imperfections.

Zircon Crowns For Teeth

Zircon crowns are made of zirconium oxide, which is externally covered by porcelain. The zirconium material shows excellent resistance to chewing forces, while at the same time, due to its white color, it allows light to pass through the porcelain. For these reasons, they are used for restorations of both front and back teeth, as they combine the high resistance of metal-ceramic crowns and the excellent aesthetics of all ceramics.

Why Choose Lerra Clinic For Dental Treatment in Turkey?

  • At Lerra Clinic we have expert dentists with proven experience, always at your service, for the care of your smile, because your safety and excellent work are our top priority.
  • We have expert surgeons in the sector with years of experience and case studies of thousands of implants positioned, only thanks to this great experience, constant updating, and the use of cutting-edge equipment and materials of quality we can offer the best dental treatment in Turkey.
  • Lerra Clinic has always been synonymous with quality, low-cost prices, professionalism, and transparency.

From Consultation to Suitable Dental Treatment: Our Dental Treatment Process

  • STEP 1: The Consultation Process
    Getting a free consultation can be done via the website or by contacting us directly. In this first consultation, the general procedure for the chosen dental treatment is discussed. This clarifies points such as your aspirations, whether you are eligible for this dental treatment or not, whether it is the most appropriate option for you if there are several ways to perform the dental procedure, answering all your questions, concerns, and desires of what the result should look like must be considered and included in the dental decision-making process. An integral part of the consultation is also an explanation of the possible side effects and the rules of conduct to be observed.
  • STEP 2: Day Of Dental Procedure
    Since most dental treatments are performed under anesthesia, an anesthesia consultation with a dentist should be performed before the dental treatment. The procedure can then be carried out. Each operation takes a special time to perform, depending on its nature and complexity.

  • STEP 3: Recovery and Postoperative Care
    After discharge from the clinic, it is extremely important to follow the care instructions provided by your dentist. It’s also important to follow up on your appointments, which take place after one, three, and six to eight weeks ( depending on the dental procedure performed).

Why Is Turkey Famous For Its Dental Treatments?

When we talk about dental care affordability, we need to explore the factors that make Turkey appealing in this regard. A growing number of people worldwide, especially those from European nations, are discovering the benefits of receiving dental care in Turkey. Why, however, is this the case?

First off, compared to many Western countries, dental care in Turkey is still significantly less expensive. This cost-effectiveness isn’t a reflection of lower quality; rather, it’s the outcome of things like advantageous labor prices, exchange rates, and the country’s determination to encourage dental tourism.
Turkey has many dental clinics, particularly in major cities like Antalya and Istanbul, which contribute significantly to the competition by bringing down costs without sacrificing quality. These dental clinics provide patients with the best of both worlds by combining cutting-edge technology with reasonably priced dental procedures.

Dental work involves more than just extractions and fillings. The country has advanced in the use of dental veneers, dental implants, and teeth whitening. The growing number of foreign patients undergoing these operations is indicative of the confidence Turkey has earned over the years.

But cost doesn’t mean that quality has to be compromised. The Turkish Dental Association guarantees high-quality dental work by ensuring that clinics follow international standards. Many of these clinics use state-of-the-art technology and provide free consultations, demonstrating that affordable prices don’t have to translate into lower-quality services.

Why Are Dental Treatments Cheap in Turkey Compared To European Countries And The USA?

  • Reduced Operating Costs: Rent, utilities, and administrative costs have all decreased in Turkish dental practices. They charge less for dental services than dental clinics in European countries and the USA, with higher levels of living due to lower costs.
  • Labor Costs:
    Dentists in Turkey make less money than their counterparts in the United States and Europe. Dental clinics can serve patients for less money since it is less expensive to pay their staff when salaries are low. Many dental tourists wonder, “Why is it cheaper to get your teeth done in Turkey?” attracted by the exceptional value and excellence of dental care offered in their home country.
  • Currency Exchange Rate: Turkey offers good exchange rates for patients from other countries. Travelers from nations with currencies of greater value take advantage of the exchange rate to pay a fraction of what they would in their own countries for superior dental care.
  • Competition: The market for dentistry facilities has become more competitive due to the rise in dental tourism in Turkey, clinics provide good services at fair prices to attract patients from various countries.
  • Local Material Costs: Turkey offers dental supplies and equipment at cheaper prices than other countries. Dental procedures become less expensive thanks to the reasonably priced local supplies.
  • Materials Cost: Turkey offers dental clinics at lower costs for its patients who require dental care because Turkey has lower prices for dental products including orthodontics, implants, and prostheses.
  • Low Clinical Costs: Turkey has less expensive clinical costs for medical operations, including dental treatments, because of its healthcare infrastructure and regulations.
  • Low Laboratory Costs: Turkey offers dental labs at a lower cost than other countries. Appliances and tooth prostheses are created in the dental lab. It’s one of the reasons why dental care is becoming more affordable.

Planning Your Dental Treatment Trip to Turkey with Lerra Clinic

Here are all the details of your dental treatment trip to Turkey along with the benefits of choosing Lerra Clinic.

  • Contact Our Dentists

After you provide us with the necessary information, you will be able to consult our dentists. We discuss your goals and concerns. From there, we’ll work together to develop a personalized treatment plan that best suits you.

  • Let us plan your travel

When you decide to travel to Turkey, We will ensure that we are with you every step of the way from the time you leave your country, during your treatment in our facility, and until the day you are fit to fly back home.

  • Welcome to Turkey

Arrive in Turkey and start your unforgettable journey with our experts.

  • Treatment Process

We specialize in unique dental procedures developed by our expert doctors, provided in a warm and friendly environment. The treatment that is decided by you and our doctors will be applied with the best possible care.

Book Your Dental Treatments in Turkey Today at Lerra Clinic

Our dedicated team of experienced dentists and medical professionals is here to guide you through your dental treatment journey in Turkey. Lerra Clinic combines the artistry of aesthetics with the science of dentistry to provide you with exceptional dental treatment results and unparalleled care.


Indeed, dental care is secure in Turkey. The Ministry of Health in Turkey has tight guidelines and criteria that dental facilities must follow. Furthermore, numerous Turkish dentistry facilities that treat medical tourists are accredited internationally.

Yes, Turkey has very skilled and knowledgeable dental specialists. They must complete a great deal of study and training, and many of them hold worldwide credentials.

Indeed, dental care in Turkey is far less expensive than in many other nations, such as the US, the UK, and other European nations. A lower cost of living, cheaper operating expenses, and lower dental professional pay are some of the reasons for the lower cost.

Many dental operations, such as crowns, dental implants, veneers, orthodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry, are available in Turkey. 

Staff members at many Turkish dental clinics speak multiple languages and can converse with patients in their mother tongue. This guarantees that patients can grasp their treatment options and effectively speak with their dentists.

The duration of dental operations in Turkey is contingent upon the nature of the procedure, the extent of work required, and the specific needs of each patient. Nonetheless, a lot of operations can be finished in a single appointment, and a lot of Turkish dental offices provide comprehensive packages that cover many procedures in a single visit. 

Multiple dental operations, lodging, and transportation are often included in dental tourism packages in Turkey. The facility and the particular treatments required will determine the specifics of the package.

Turkey is home to many respectable dental clinics; however, it is crucial to do due diligence and select a facility with a solid reputation and skilled dental staff.

There are many tourist attractions in Turkey, such as beaches, ancient ruins, vibrant cities, and breathtaking natural formations. A wide range of activities are available to patients to provide a fun and restful journey to Turkey.

To give customers a specific price and to explain their treatment options, numerous dental clinics in Turkey offer free online consultations. As a result, patients may decide with knowledge before booking a dental operation in Turkey. 

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