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Hollywood Smile In Turkey

Your smile is the initial characteristic that people notice about you when you first meet them, and first impressions have a positive effect on your social life. A smile includes not just the lips but also the teeth, gums, and jawline that surround it. The goal of smile design is to give your face an entirely fresh look, therefore boosting the way it looks. The term “Hollywood Smile” first appeared when Hollywood stars started to draw attention for their incredibly gorgeous and dynamic smiles in recent years. For many years, Turkey has successfully performed Hollywood smile procedures. 

What Is a Hollywood Smile?

A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic procedure designed to treat dental issues such as “tooth decay problems, tooth abscesses, tooth erosion, missing teeth, root injuries, yellowing and discoloration of the teeth,” as well as to improve the appearance and symmetry of the teeth.

To do this, the dentist applies dental veneers, also known as direct veneers or porcelain veneers, which are thin ceramic coatings that are bonded to the teeth to make them appear uniform and brilliant white when smiling. 

Advantages of Hollywood Smile in Turkey

  • Achieving a charming Hollywood smile while giving your teeth a transparent white tint
  • Decolorization of teeth
  • Modifying the symmetry of teeth
  • Repairing dental gaps
  • Dental fracture repair
  • Restitution for a lost tooth
  • Strengthening weakened teeth
  • Cover up tooth fractures and fissures.
  • Achieving a beautiful smile with well spaced, symmetrical teeth that are a pleasing shade of white.

Disadvantages Of a Hollywood Smile?

Although there haven’t been any reported damage or issues as a result of the Hollywood smile, there are a few concerns you should be aware of:

  • Jaw occlusion is impeded when dental veneers are fitted incorrectly.
  • Long-term, a few mild abnormalities might occur.
  • Tooth filing will probably lead to some difficulties.
  • After getting dental lenses inserted, some patients experience sensitivity to hot and cold meals and beverages.
  • An unpleasant odor in the mouth appears when dental and oral hygiene are neglected.
  • The disadvantage of dental lenses is that they are not repairable, so the patient will need to completely replace the lens if any crack or breakage occurs.

Candidates for Hollywood Smile Procedure in Turkey

The conditions required before designing a professional Hollywood smile are

  • Good Health: 
    Before beginning smile design, we must properly prepare patients for any medical operations that they may need, such as dental implants or extractions.
  • Excellent Oral Health:
    As we demonstrated with Hollywood Smile, it combines both medical and aesthetic treatments. Therefore, we start treating gum and dental issues before treating cosmetic dentistry. This improves the outcome and prolongs the years that your smile will look beautiful.
  • Dental Safety:
    To achieve the ideal smile, teeth must be straightened, their symmetry adjusted, and any broken teeth must be restored or replaced.
  • Integrity of Tooth Enamel:
    The application of veneer lenses is an essential finishing touch for a Hollywood Smile. Because of its strength, tooth enamel keeps its integrity and shields you from sensitivity.

Types of Hollywood Smile Available At Lerra Clinic

TreatmentWhat is it?For Whom?LifespanTooth SensitivityPreparation and InstallationCost Starting from
Hollywood SmileVeneers or Lumineers made of porcelainTo enhance the appearance of healthy teethLumineers: 10 years, Veneers: 10 – 15 yearsYesTwo sessions400 euros
Dental LensesFixed dental prosthetics made of zirconia or EmaxTo enhance and reinforce weak teethUp to 15 yearsYesTwo sessions280 euros
Dental CrownsDental implants for tooth replacementTo enhance and replace missing teethUp to 25 yearsNoSeveral visits (multiple sessions)Full smile: 5000 euros
Dental ImplantsDental implants for tooth replacementTo enhance and replace missing teeth1 – 3 yearsYesOne session250 euros
Teeth WhiteningCleaning and removing teeth stainsTo whiten yellow teeth; provided teeth are healthy1 – 3 yearsYesOne session250 euros

We select the operations that are best for you based on the state of your teeth. For instance, we will conduct orthodontics before any other cosmetic operation if your teeth are irregular.

If your teeth are in regular alignment, we will select the most appropriate cosmetic operations; These treatments might only involve teeth whitening to brighten your smile, or you might also need to have teeth restored and then have cosmetic lenses placed in order to improve the appearance of your smile.

What Are The Steps To Get a Hollywood Smile at Lerra Clinic?

Not every tooth may be eligible for a Hollywood Smile and veneer installation; the dentist may only place veneers on teeth in the front or on teeth that exhibit some issues.

To achieve a Hollywood smile, we take the following steps:

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning:
    This is the initial phase, where the patient tells the doctor what outcomes they anticipate. In addition, the dentist checks the patient’s teeth to make sure the veneers fit their situation and discusses with them the procedure he will use.
  • Preparations:
    Second: The teeth must be cleaned to prepare them for the veneers to be applied. This involves removing “0.5 mm” of enamel from the tooth’s surface, or roughly the thickness of the veneers. Subsequently, the dentist sends the veneers to a laboratory to be modeled. It takes one to two weeks to complete this process.
  • Trial and completion:
    The doctor will do the following actions before the final veneer installation to get a Hollywood smile:

  • After placing the veneers on the patient’s teeth to check size and color, he can adjust them to fit the desired area if they don’t match.
  • Once the veneers are sure to fit, the teeth are cleaned to apply a special glue to securely install the veneers.
  • Applying particular light waves helps stabilize the peeling.
  • After a few weeks, the patient may be asked to return, so the doctor may verify the position of the new layers and assess the gums’ response to them.

Why Choose Lerra Clinic For Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

  • At Lerra Clinic we have expert dentists with proven experience, always at your service, for the care of your smile, because your safety and excellent work are our top priority.
  • We have expert surgeons in the sector with years of experience and case studies of thousands of implants positioned, only thanks to this great experience, constant updating, and the use of cutting-edge equipment and materials of quality we can offer the best dental treatment in Turkey.
  • Lerra Clinic has always been synonymous with quality, low-cost prices, professionalism, and transparency.

What Is the Duration of a Hollywood Smile?

You won’t be disappointed if you decide to get a Hollywood smile procedure. The way your teeth are positioned, their pearly gloss, and their perfect dimensions will all improve significantly. The results show up quickly and naturally.

You will be able to enjoy this durable smile for at least 15 years. The longevity of any veneers, crowns, or dental implants you may have done on your teeth, as well as the maintenance of a good oral hygiene protocol, will determine how long your Hollywood smile lasts.

How to Take Care of Your Hollywood Smile?

Ultimately, the most important factor in making sure your Hollywood smile lasts is maintaining it.

You have to maintain your Hollywood smile

  • Keep going to the dentist. More than ever, it’s important to schedule regular dental visits. Your Hollywood smile can be properly cleaned and evaluated by your aesthetic dentist.
  • Every day, floss and brush your teeth. The way you take care of your teeth is essential.
  • Wash your mouth twice a day.
  • Do not bite your nails. Teeth as a result of this bad technique that is uneven, fractured, or chipped. Furthermore, your veneers may crack.
  • Steer clear of soda, coffee, and tea. These drinks have the potential to stain teeth quickly.
  • Avoid using your teeth to open objects. This might cause major harm to your teeth if you enjoy opening caps or bags with your teeth.

In the end, a smile can say a thousand words! Thus, remember to smile with confidence whenever you smile. But keep in mind that the secret to a stunning and durable Hollywood smile is to practice good oral hygiene and follow your dental care routine.

Why Is Turkey the Ideal Location For Creating a Premium Hollywood Smile?


  • Extremely affordable rates
  • Exceptionally well-prepared hospitals
  • The fourth-most popular medical tourism location worldwide
  • Medical teams have the expertise to create a Hollywood Smile using the best materials at a reasonable cost
  • One of the world’s top tourist spots. Numerous cultural sites in Istanbul are open for you to explore, including the Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, and the Bosphorus Strait.

Planning Your Hollywood Smile Trip to Turkey with Lerra Clinic

Here are all the details of your dental treatment trip to Turkey along with the benefits of choosing Lerra Clinic.

  • Contact Our Dentists
    After you provide us with the necessary information, you will be able to consult our dentists. We discuss your goals and concerns. From there, we’ll work together to develop a personalized treatment plan that best suits you.
  • Let us plan your travel
    When you decide to travel to Turkey, We will ensure that we are with you every step of the way from the time you leave your country, during your treatment in our facility, and until the day you are fit to fly back home.
  • Welcome to Turkey
    Arrive in Turkey and start your unforgettable journey with our experts.
  • Treatment Process
    We specialize in unique dental procedures developed by our expert doctors, provided in a warm and friendly environment. The treatment that is decided by you and our doctors will be applied with the best possible care.

Book Your Hollywood Smile Procedure in Turkey Today at Lerra Clinic

Our dedicated team of experienced dentists and medical professionals is here to guide you through your Hollywood smile journey in Turkey. Lerra Clinic combines the artistry of aesthetics with the science of dentistry to provide you with exceptional Hollywood smile results and unparalleled care. Contact us today using this form and our support team will reach out as soon as possible.


The following treatments are used into the smile's aesthetic design and comprise a Hollywood smile: Reshaping gums. dental implant treatment, e-max veneers, porcelain veneer, and zirconium crowns.

It is recommended to brush teeth at least twice a day, just like with routine dental care.

When it comes to dental interface care, dental floss should not be overlooked.

Six months should pass between dental examinations.

Hard foods and behaviors like nibbling on pencils and nails should be avoided, as laminate porcelain veneers are more brittle than tooth tissue.

Choosing the best coating technique and the quantity of teeth to coat are two things that determine how long it will take. Nevertheless, to give you a basic idea, the entire period can range from five to fifteen days.

The life of the laminate or zirconium porcelain used in the veneer is about ten years if the teeth are cleaned regularly and the porcelain veneers are taken care of. They need to be changed out for new ones after this time.

Nearly everyone! A Hollywood smile can be achieved by any patient who does not have an ongoing dental infection or sufficient bone density if a dental implant is needed.

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