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Hollywood Smile

Lerra Clinic explains the "Hollywood Smile" procedure, which can be done using veneer lenses, which is one of the cosmetic dental procedures in the world of Hollywood Smile, as there are many ways to make a Hollywood Smile, such as zirconium crowns. However, this explanation is all about creating a Hollywood Smile with veneer lenses. Veneer lenses, which are scales placed on the surface of the teeth, are made and are usually resorted to by those who complain about yellowing of the teeth or not appearing in their natural color, or the presence of clicks or gaps between the teeth or calcifications in the teeth, and the veneer lenses work to remove the unpleasant appearance. So, the doctor at Lerra Clinic prepares the teeth for the installation of veneers on the teeth by matching the thickness of the veneers to the size of the natural tooth to prevent abnormal tooth thickness. Therefore, the surface of the tooth is carved until it becomes suitable for the installation of veneers
A question that may arise for anyone looking to achieve a Hollywood Smile with veneers or lumineers. In fact, the decision to perform the appropriate procedure is made by the attending physician based on the condition of the person's teeth, as the decision is based on examinations and prior examinations from the attending physician, including a “panorama” x-ray, to determine the appropriate procedure, “veneers or lumineers” for the teeth. In addition, the attending doctor examines the health of the gums and their suitability for Veneers or Lumineers.
Of course, after a Hollywood Smile at Lerra Clinic, you can continue your normal life with veneers, but you must follow the doctor's instructions, the most important of which is to maintain regular daily hygiene of the teeth, as well as avoiding unnecessary pressure on the teeth and reducing the intake of solid foods such as nuts that can affect the health of veneer lenses to maintain a beautiful and attractive Hollywood Smile. In addition, getting a Hollywood Smile at Lerra Clinic requires regular visits to the doctor to ensure the safety and health of the installed veneer lenses. In addition, our treating doctor will inform you about all the necessary instructions to be followed, when you get a Hollywood Smile at our hospital, Lerra Clinic is the best in Europe. The beauty of your teeth is our address.
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