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Rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul, Turkey

What is the procedure and factors of a rhinoplasty (nose job) in Istanbul, Turkey? Before making a choice, would you like to know every detail about this intervention? Lerra Clinic dispels any doubts by going over every important detail.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that allows you to correct aesthetic defects of the nose and improve breathing. It allows you to modify the shape and size of the nose, improving the harmony of the face without distorting its physiognomy.

How is Rhinoplasty Surgery Performed?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that aims to modify and reduce a nose, bringing it to the right size and a correct aesthetic profile that harmonizes with the rest of the face.

If together with the aesthetic problem a breathing defect is also observed, then it is necessary to resort to rhinoseptoplasty in which the structures of the nasal pyramid are acted on aesthetically and, functionally, on those that cause the respiratory problem. Sometimes we also act on the turbinates at the same time, reducing their size to improve breathing.

To access the anatomical structures to be modified, only internal incisions in the nostrils can be used (closed technique) or access to the columella (open technique) which leads to a very modest scarring outcome but allows greater control of the structures to be modeled.

The operation can be performed under assisted local anesthesia if it only involves a small correction of the tip or, more often, under general anesthesia.

Doctor marking areas on the face’s patient before Chin Implant Surgery in Turkey

In Which Situations Should Rhinoplasty Be Performed?

Rhinoplasty is recommended in case of:

  • The nose too large in proportion to the face
  • The nose is too big/wide when viewed from the front.
  • Crooked or curved nose
  • asymmetric nose, due to previous fractures
  • tip of the nose thick, broad, or fleshy
  • drooping or prominent nose tip
  • flattened tip of the nose
  • nose with humps (both cartilaginous and bony) on the nose
  • deviated nasal septum.
  • Deviated or proceeding columella.
  • Retracted columella and short upper lip
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Rhinoplasty is recommended for both men and women after the growth phase has been completed. Except for particular cases, such as all aesthetic interventions, it is therefore recommended after the age of 18.

What are Rhinoplasty Surgery Types?

1- Rhinoplasty with closed technique (incisions only inside the nose)

With a closed rhinoplasty, small internal incisions are made to alter the bony and cartilaginous parts of the nasal bone. The methods employed in rhinoplasty surgery differ from patient to patient, most likely depending on the outcome you hope to achieve. Generally speaking, to narrow the nose, fractures at the base of the nasal bones must be formed, resulting in a little lower dorsum and shortened nasal septum. It’s also feasible that the nose needs to have some of its sections enlarged. In this instance, cartilage—possibly extracted from the nasal septum—will need to be used. In the end, the skin spontaneously settles back onto the new skeleton, determining the final appearance of the surgery.
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2- Rhinoplasty with open technique (incisions on the columella)

Open rhinoplasty is a variant of closed rhinoplasty in which the cartilage supporting the nose’s tip and the bridge is exposed by removing the columella at the base of the nose. The same incision is used to reach the septum if the procedure of septoplasty is required. The full exposure of the tip’s cartilage enables extremely accurate direct visualization and remodeling. The method the surgeon selects depends on the features and nature of the repair to be done. The exposure of the cartilages is the only one that permits their non-destructive remodeling, the alteration of the nose tip in the absence of excision of portions of the cartilage itself.

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Things to Know Before Rhinoplasty

  • It’s not just a cosmetic procedure. It often corrects functional, respiratory, or post-traumatic problems related to the nasal septum.
  • It takes months for the result to stabilize and a year for complete recovery.
  • Touch-up is often necessary. Rhinoplasties to correct previous operations gone wrong constitute 8-9% of the total operations. Since the nose is a visible feature of the body, patients experience significant psychological problems in addition to functional and aesthetic problems when the initial surgery goes wrong. The second operation is always a delicate and difficult moment, as the patient is discouraged by the previous experience.
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  • Rhinoplasty without a scalpel is not an alternative to the classic one.  Injections of calcium hydroxyapatite or hyaluronic acid serve to modify small defects in the nose, but not to reduce their size. The effect lasts for a limited time (a year and a half) and you need to turn to experts: even with simple needle sticks you risk compressing the vessels and causing skin necrosis.
  • If performed by inexperienced surgeons, rhinoplasty can cause respiratory and functional problems for the patient.
  • The operation lasts two hours under general anesthesia.
  • Before rhinoplasty, it is necessary to stop taking drugs that promote bleeding.
  • Rhinoplasty techniques change from man to woman because the expectation of facial contours is different.
  • The nose changes appearance with age, especially in the case of long noses or with important alar cartilage: in these cases, it tends to appear larger over time.

Rhinoplasty (Nose job) cost in Turkey

Turkey has become the go-to destination for anyone looking to get plastic surgery, especially for rhinoplasty patients. The nation is home to a group of highly skilled surgeons with access to the greatest facilities and cutting-edge equipment. Turkey’s reasonable pricing and accessibility for nose jobs make it the perfect place to get cosmetic surgery.

Your treatment’s total cost will depend on the procedure’s complications and scope. The average cost of a rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Turkey is $3,500; the lowest and maximum costs are $2.00 to $7,200, respectively.

For offers and prices on all-inclusive packages, please contact us.

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Rhinoplasty for Men & Women in Turkey at Lerra Clinic

Even if the rhinoplasty procedure follows the same procedures for men and women, the structure of the male and female face differs greatly, and a competent surgeon must necessarily take these aspects into account when preparing for male and female rhinoplasty. During the first visit to Lerra Clinic, the surgeon will analyze the facial and nasal structures to evaluate proportion and balance.

It is important to plan the process and choose the appropriate technique to preserve the distinctively masculine features of the male face, which is often heavier, sharper and has a more prominent chin than the female face. From this perspective, for example, an excessive dorsal reduction or a marked refinement of the tip produces an unsatisfactory result.

 Male noses tend to be larger and straighter from a frontal perspective, while female noses are more curved. The angle formed by the top lip and the line pointing towards the tip of the nose determines how much the nose rotates. This angle ranges from 95 to 105 degrees in women and from 90 to 95 degrees in men.

Moreover, there are fewer modifications possible because men often have a larger nasal tip and thicker nasal skin.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty Surgery

The advantages of a rhinoplasty can be both aesthetic and functional,
therefore linked to the improvement of breathing. The main advantages of a rhinoplasty are:

  1. The nose’s size and shape can be altered to provide more aesthetically pleasing outcomes that better suit the face.
  2. The profile of the face can also be corrected by surgery on the bridge of the nose, eliminating the “hump”.
  3. It is possible to intervene in the shape of the tip of the nose, making it less globular and refining its appearance.
  4. Sometimes, the benefit sought has to do with changing the position of the nostrils.
  5. Rhinoplasty can also improve the signs of age by rejuvenating the general appearance of the face, especially in the areas adjacent to the nose.
  6. As regards the functional benefits, rhinoplasty manages to restore cases of breathing difficulty, also allowing chronic snoring problems to be addressed.
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Cons of Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Rhinoplasty surgery is a more invasive operation and there is a great chance of visible scars.
  • It requires long recovery times.
  • It must always be performed under general anesthesia.
  • Rhinoplasty surgery has a greater difficulty in correcting more complex problems than those of other plastic surgeries.
  • The results of rhinoplasty surgery depend on the great experience of the surgeon.

When is a Rhinoplasty Patient Discharged from the Hospital

Patients usually get out the same day of the rhinoplasty surgery if they meet specific requirements, like:

  • Stable Vital Signs
    Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate should all be steady and within normal limits for the patient.
  • Recovery from Anesthesia
    The patient should be alert and cognizant after having fully recovered from the anesthetic effects.
  • Pain Management
    The patient needs to have sufficient relief from pain and be at ease enough to return home.
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  • Postoperative Instructions
    Postoperative care recommendations will be given by the surgeon or medical team, and it is expected of the patient to comprehend these recommendations.
  • Absence of Complications
    the lack of any postoperative problems or complications that would require more monitoring or care right away.

Right Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The ideal candidate for a Rhinoplasty is a person who has:

  • Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose.
  • Functional problems, such as breathing difficulties.
  • Realistic expectations regarding the results of the intervention.
  • Good general health and no medical contraindications.

Rhinoplasty Before and After

A nose job before and after leaves a noticeable visible result. Regardless of the type of operation, a natural image is sought, according to the morphological scheme of the rest of the face.

Much of the responsibility for the outcome lies with the surgeon himself. Contacting the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey is always a guarantee, if the operation also takes place in a clinic with high safety standards, the guarantees of success are very high.

The evaluation of Turkey rhinoplasty before and after cases helps to verify the aesthetic change that the nose operation guarantees.

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Feature Closed Rhinoplasty (Endonasal) Open Rhinoplasty
Incisions Hidden inside the nose, Vendo-nasal incisions Scar at the level of the columella (visible externally)
External Scar No external scar at the base of the columella Scar at the base of the columella
Healing Time Faster healing (approximately 6-8 months) due to less trauma Longer healing time, around 6-8 months, due to more extensive trauma
Nasal Tip Detachment More limited detachment in comparison to the open technique Complete detachment with a direct view of all anatomical structures
Surgical Ease May be perceived as less easy due to limited visibility Easier due to the direct visibility of all anatomical structures
Nasal Grafts Usually not required for support Necessary to restore support to the tip of the nose
Post-operative Rigidity Less rigid nasal structures post-operatively Potential for rigidity due to nasal grafts
Scar Healing No external scar, optimal healing within the nose Small scar at the columella may require further surgery for aesthetic correction
Procedure Duration Lasts approximately 40-60 minutes Lasts approximately 90-120 minutes
Follow-up Surgery Generally, less need for follow-up surgery Possible need for further surgery for aesthetic correction
Anesthesia Not specified, likely general or local anesthesia Local anesthesia for further surgery, outpatient basis

Reasons for the Popularity of Nose Job in Turkey

  • Top Destination: Turkey is a top destination for rhinoplasty because of its reasonably priced and highly qualified surgeons.
  • Hygiene and Modern Treatments: following hygienic guidelines, using contemporary medical interventions, and keeping up with international developments in nasal aesthetics.
  • Language and Comfort: Doctors and services for patients Provide a soothing environment for individuals seeking nose surgery overseas by speaking fluently in their native tongue.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: The provision of comprehensive treatment plans guarantees patients an effortless procedure.
  • Qualified Surgeons: Turkey is home to many highly qualified nose surgeons with extensive expertise who received their training in Europe.
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  • International Recognition: Membership of esteemed associations such as the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS) are among Turkey’s surgeons.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Surgeons in Turkey stay updated on the latest developments in nasal aesthetics globally and integrate state-of-the-art technology.
  • All-inclusive packages: Turkey’s rhinoplasty clinics carefully schedule patients’ treatments, providing individualized plans and all-inclusive patient care.
  • Simple and Safe Travel: Turkey is a great destination for people seeking nasal aesthetics due to its central location, which makes access quick and safe.


A Turkish nose job is a rhinoplasty carried out by qualified Turkish surgeons who are renowned for their proficiency and reasonable prices.

Although the degree of change differs, talented surgeons customize ethnic nose jobs to produce cohesive and natural-looking results.

Absolutely, with skilled nasal surgeons in Turkey, a broken nose can be restored.

Although recovery times differ, scars and bruises usually go away a few weeks after surgery.

After the swelling goes down, you'll see the first outcomes, but it can take many months to one year to get the whole appearance.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey has an outstanding success rate, thanks to trained surgeons and advanced procedures.

With a closed rhinoplasty, the amount of visible scarring is reduced by making incisions within the nose.

Yes, to improve both appearance and usefulness, our surgeons address airway concerns during rhinoplasty.

For the comfort of the patient, general anesthesia is usually used during rhinoplasty procedures.

Typically, bandages and splints are taken off during the first week following surgery.

Plan to slowly return to routine activities within a few weeks, though social downtime differs.

Expectations will be reviewed by your surgeon. Nasal tip alterations are dependent upon the surgical procedure.

Surgical intervention is usually necessary for nose size reduction because massage therapy may not be sufficient on its own.

Specific recommendations will be given by your surgeon; in general, minimal cleaning is suggested to prevent inflammation.

Although cases may differ, in Turkey the legal age for rhinoplasty is normally 18.

Consult religious authorities, but many experts believe that rhinoplasty is acceptable when done for cosmetic or medicinal purposes.

Your surgeon will provide you with further information. Intra-nose pads can be utilized for stability and reshaping in nose cosmetics.

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