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Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental Implants in Turkey
When a tooth is lost due to injury or sickness, unpleasant consequences such as rapid bone loss, speech issues, or altered chewing habits may occur. Dental implants can significantly enhance a patient’s health and quality of life by replacing a lost tooth. An implant body, an abutment, andA, occasionally, an abutment fixation screw make up dental implant systems. To replace the tooth’s root, the dental implant body is surgically inserted into the jawbone. After being secured to the implant body with an abutment fixation screw, the dental implant abutment frequently protrudes through the gums and into the mouth to support the attached artificial teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots typically made of titanium or a titanium alloy. These implants are placed in your jawbone through surgery. Eventually, fuse with your bone creating a strong foundation for replacement teeth. The implants securely support these replacement teeth, also known as crowns.

There are three components of implants:

  1. The Implant; This titanium screw piece is a substitute for the root of a missing tooth. It integrates with the jawbone to provide support for the tooth.
  2. The Abutment; This connector piece is placed on the implant. Hold the tooth firmly in place.
  3. The Crown; Usually made from porcelain or ceramic, this artificial tooth is customized to match your teeth’ size, shape, and color, providing an appearance.
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Dental Implants Benefits

  1. Appearance and Confidence; Dental implants. Feel like real teeth seamlessly blending with your existing smile. This can significantly enhance your self-esteem and confidence.
  2. Enhanced Oral Health; Unlike bridges that rely on neighboring teeth for support, dental implants don’t require altering teeth in your mouth.
    Maintaining most of your teeth helps in promoting term oral health.
  3. Durability; When dental implants are well taken care of and maintained, they can last a lifetime. This makes them an effective and cost-efficient long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.
  4. Improved Speech and Comfort; Dental implants provide an alternative to removable dentures eliminating any discomfort or speech difficulties that may arise from loose dentures.

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Are dental implants in Turkey safe?

Obtaining dental implants is one thing, but deciding where and how to receive the procedure is equally crucial.

Most Turkish surgeons employ implant brands that have received international accreditation for their procedures, the same as those provided in Europe and America. Because of this, there is no reason to be concerned about the substance used to operate on your mouth.

Another reason the patients are concerned about undergoing dental implant treatment in Turkey is the possible risks of the surgical operation and the quality of dental implants in Turkey. Qualifications of the surgeon and material reliability of the surgical facilities compose the foundation for these kinds of concerns. However, given the quality and credibility of Turkish schools throughout the globe indicate that these concerns need to be better reasoned. On the other hand, most dental facilities operating in Turkey are equipped with top-notch technology and materials. Moreover, their maintenance is periodically supervised by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Nevertheless, remember that every dental implant surgery involves some health risks regardless of the location (mostly minor), but the probability of them occurring is about 2 percent. It can be easily treated following the operation. Lastly, almost all of the dental facilities and surgeons in Turkey are globally qualified and accredited; a patient can have their follow-up sessions in their home country, in terms of inconvenience or as a sole preference.

How to Choose a Dental Implants Clinic in Turkey?

Navigating the sphere of dental implants can seem intimidating, especially when trying to pinpoint the perfect clinic in a country abroad like Turkey. Crucial factors to consider include the standing of the clinic, the credentials of their dental practitioners, the standard of materials they utilize, and their patient service quality. Cross-examine patient feedback and prior case photos to validate the results you could anticipate.

What is the Best Dental Implants Clinic in Turkey?

Selecting the optimal dental implant facility in Turkey isn’t a one-answer-fits-all situation as it primarily hinges on the specific requirements of each patient. That being said, the Lerra Clinic consistently proves to be a top choice, earning praise for its avant-garde technology, proficient team of dental specialists, and exceptional record of patient contentment.

How much are Dental Implants in Turkey?

The rates for dental implants in Turkey are remarkably reasonable, particularly when juxtaposed with countries such as the USA or UK. The average price ranges from $500 to $1000 per implant, a fraction of the expense in numerous Western countries. Be aware that these costs may fluctuate based on the unique procedures required and the type of implant used.

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How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey?

The timeline for dental implant procedures in Turkey hinges on the intricacy of the patient’s case. A conventional procedure includes implant placement, a healing period (typically spanning a few months), and finally, crown attachment. Patients may need to remain in Turkey for several days up to a week for the initial procedure and then again for the final crown placement.

Why are Dental Implants So Cheap in Turkey?

The affordability of dental implants in Turkey can largely be attributed to the lower cost of living, economical labor, and reduced overhead expenses compared to Western countries. However, these cost efficiencies do not sacrifice the quality of care. Turkish dental clinics frequently uphold high standards of practice, utilize internationally accredited implant brands, and employ highly competent professionals.

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Why does Lerra Clinic have the Best Dental Implants in Turkey?

Lerra Clinic has surfaced as a frontrunner for dental implants in Turkey due to its top-of-the-line dental facilities, highly trained professionals, and unwavering commitment to patient contentment. Its pioneering technologies, combined with a compassionate and personalized approach, make it a standout amongst its competitors.

Best Dental Implants in Turkey Cost

Even at high-end clinics like Lerra, the cost of the best dental implants in Turkey remains relatively low. On average, patients might pay between $500 and $1000 per implant, inclusive of the implant, abutment, and crown. However, prices can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Dental Implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey amalgamate quality with affordability. Patients can expect world-class care at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries. Moreover, the country’s rich culture, captivating landscapes, and warm hospitality enhance the dental tourism journey.

Best Clinic in Turkey for Dental Implants

When it boils down to pinpointing the most esteemed dental clinic for implants in Turkey, factors such as the standard of care, advancements in technology, quality of materials, and the expertise of practitioners must be taken into account. With a multitude of well-reputed clinics like Lerra Clinic, patients can rest easy, knowing they are in adept hands. This reassurance contributes towards making their pursuit of a revitalized smile a pleasant and triumphant journey.

Dental implant in Istanbul Turkey prof clinic

4 in 1 Dental Implants Turkey or all on 6 Dental Implants Cost in Turkey

Turkey provides budget-friendly alternatives for extensive full-mouth restorations, including 4-in-1 or All-on-6 dental implants. Despite these procedures’ intricate nature, they remain extraordinarily affordable in Turkey, with expenses ranging between $3000 to $6000.

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Making titanium metal implants suitable for the bone and gums, on which the tooth will be installed later, for a period of at least three months and up to six months, depending on whether the implants are for the upper or lower jaw and the condition of the implants during the period of healing of the jaw bones and gums on the implants.

After the recovery period from the implants and their healing, the appropriate sizes are taken for each tooth to enter the stage of final installation of the missing teeth, and the tooth is installed on the implants and the teeth are made of zirconium, which is equivalent to the hardness and strength of the natural teeth in addition to their attractive appearance because they carry bright whiteness that restores the beauty of the smile and the health of the teeth as required. 

It is said that the teeth that are implanted instead of the natural teeth last for a period of more than 25 years, and there are medical researches in the science of dentistry that have concluded that these teeth last for life, and all this is in the hands of the same person who maintains the health and beauty of his prosthetic teeth

Therefore, we advise everyone who performs this procedure, especially at Lerra Clinic, to follow the medical instructions directed by the attending physician to ensure that the teeth continue to be in excellent health, and that you live your life normally without any suffering or any embarrassment about your missing teeth

Dear readers, LERRA CLINIC Hospital, if you decide to do this procedure in it, will be throughout the period of your procedure and recovery, and also after completing the procedure, we are in constant contact with you to check on you and your dental health, and you can also consult our medical team and also to stay with them in your communication after completing the procedure, taking a tour in Istanbul and returning safely to your country, certainly your dental health is our address

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