Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Most people who decide to modify a part of their body never make this decision lightly and have most likely lived for years forcing themselves to live with a part of their body that they did not feel was their own, harmonious, beautiful.

Living with yourself in a balanced way also means feeling good in society, feeling more confident and self-assured, and improving interpersonal relationships.

Here’s come the role of Plastic surgery which is a branch of surgery that deals with the reconstruction of different types of tissues (skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles) of the human organism and/or the correction of deformities affecting them from both a functional and aesthetic point of view . 

Plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgery – which deals with the functional area of tissue reconstruction and the correction of deformities – and aesthetic surgery – which deals with the more specifically aesthetic area of tissue reconstruction and the correction of deformities. deformities and usually deals with minor cases.

The aim of plastic surgery is therefore to repair congenital defects (present from birth) or acquired defects (caused by previous surgeries, illnesses, traumas or injuries) in order to restore the function of the tissues as close to normal as possible.

 Sometimes finally changing a nose that has always been considered ugly or a breast that has been difficult to live with and with great psychological conflicts completely improves how people interface with others and with their own lives.

These are emotional and psychological aspects that should not be underestimated or even devalued.

When evaluating whether to have Plastic Surgery in Turkey, Lerra Clinic’s  board-certified plastic surgeons can discuss the options available to address your concerns with full commitment to safety standards and ethical medical practices .

Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures available at Lerra Clinic Istanbul, Turkey

Facial Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty)

Blepharoplasty (upper, lower and complete) is the operation aimed at eliminating excess skin and fat accumulations on the eyelids (upper and lower) which give the eyes a tired, swollen and aged appearance.

Based on the area of eyelid lift operation, a distinction is made between:

  • Upper blepharoplasty: to eliminate fat and excess skin which cause creases on the upper eyelids.
  • Lower blepharoplasty : aimed at eliminating the “wrinkles” under the eyes caused by excess skin and its sagging, and adipose bags, caused by the “herniation” of fat inside the orbit of the ocular area.
  • Complete blepharoplasty: which operates on both areas.


Rhinoplasty “Nose surgery” allows you to resolve aesthetic problems, such as the correction of a nose that is too large or too small, or functional problems, as in the case in which the patient experiences respiratory problems due to deviation of the nasal septum due to a congenital defect or following trauma.


A facelift is an operation that allows you to give a fresher and more pleasant appearance to the face, eliminating the signs of aging such as skin aging, loss of elasticity, relaxation of the tissues.

Based on the patient’s needs, the doctor recommends the best type of facelift which can be complete or limited to one or more areas of the face.

Facelift is a surgical procedure aimed at eliminating the flaccidity and inelasticity of facial tissues through the remodeling of skin, fat, and muscles.

Chin Implant

Facial contouring using chin implants can be used to rearrange the jaw, add prominence to the cheekbones, and improve the size and projection of a “receding” chin by utilizing carefully designed prosthetics to adjust the facial shapes and balance.

Otoplasty ( Ear Surgery)

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, can reshape and reposition the ears. Otoplasty can be used to treat ear structural flaws that are present at birth or that emerge over time. Additionally, it can be used to treat injured ears that are malformed while maintaining their natural function.

Otoplasty gives the ears a more natural form in addition to giving the ears and faces balance and proportion, even slight defects can be corrected, which can have a significant positive impact on looks and self-esteem.

Eyebrow Lift

An eyebrow lift, which is also called a forehead lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that allows you to raise the external part of the eyebrows and relax the skin at the level of the temples and the lateral portion of the eyes.

The appearance and correct position of the eyebrow play an essential role in the aesthetics of the gaze, giving expressiveness to the face and reflecting the emotional and psychological state of the individual.

Breast Plastic Surgery


The term ” gynecomastia ” is used to indicate the presence of an unusually developed mammary gland in men. Although little is said about it, it is, however, an aesthetic defect frequently found in men. Three types of gynecomastia are described: true gynecomastia, mixed gynecomastia, and false gynecomastia. Although there are correlations with the use of some types of drugs, in most cases the origin of gynecomastia is unknown.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is surgery to increase the volume of the breast and is one of the most requested interventions in cosmetic surgery. With breast augmentation surgery it is possible to modify the shape and size of breasts that are too small or to correct breast asymmetry, improving body harmony and one’s sense of self-esteem.

Breast Lift (mastoplexy)

Mastopexy , more commonly known as breast lift, is a highly requested procedure in cosmetic surgery.  Mastopexy is indicated for women who wish to lift sagging breasts (breast ptosis) or reduce and modify the shape and size of the areola.  Breast ptosis can depend on a variety of factors: characteristics of the skin, adipose component, glandular component, pregnancy, breastfeeding, drastic and sudden weight loss, aging, menopause, etc.

Body Plastic Surgery

Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)

Brachioplasty , more commonly known as arm lift surgery, is a surgical procedure that corrects defects in the upper extremities. Cosmetic surgery of the arms consists of the removal and remodeling of excess skin and fat located in the upper limbs following the aging process or the outcomes of morbid obesity. With brachioplasty surgery, it is also possible to change the shape and size of the arms.

Buttock Augmentation (Gluteoplasty)

Buttock augmentation surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that allows you to change the shape and size of the buttocks. Through gluteoplasty surgery, it is possible to increase and modify the shape of the buttocks in patients who have tissue relaxation caused by significant weight loss or the natural passage of time, or a flat or too small butt.


Liposuction, more commonly known as body contouring surgery, allow the elimination of localized fat via aspiration with microcannulas and at the same time the shaping of the body’s silhouette: this is why they are by far the most requested interventions in cosmetic surgery. Liposuction allows you to sculpt your body by removing unwanted fat deposits from specific areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper extremities, chin and neck.

Why Choose Lerra Clinic For Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Unique Philosophy
A strong understanding of symmetry, human beauty, and that every person is different.

To achieve the results that you always dreamed of, the essentials are medical staff years of experience, and applying the correct knowledge to support all the decisions that our surgeon makes when planning and operating on their patients.

Unsurpassed quality
Lerra Clinic collaborates with anesthetists with decades of experience, the best in the sector. This goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art medical equipment for the best results.

State-of-the-Art Clinic

We have created a beautiful clinic, where architecture rhymes with our results. We believe that the experience in the clinic should level up to your expectations as a patient. We didn’t stop there, we also implemented the most advanced equipment for treatments and procedures.


From Consultation to Operation: Our Plastic Surgery Process

STEP 1: The Consultation Process

Getting a free consultation can be done via the website or by contact us directly. In this first consultation, the general procedure for the operation is discussed. This clarifies points such as your medical history, whether you are eligible for this surgery or not, whether it is the most appropriate option for you if there are several ways to perform the surgery, answering all your questions and concerns.

It is important that concerns and desires of what the end result should look like are considered and included in the decision-making process. An integral part of the consultation is also an explanation of the possible side effects and the rules of conduct to be observed.

STEP 2: Day Of Plastic Surgery

Since most plastic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, an anesthesia consultation with an anesthesiologist should be performed before the operation. The procedure can then be carried out. Each operation takes a special time to perform, depending on its nature and complexity.

After the operation, in most plastic surgeries in Turkey, the patient usually spends one night in the hospital where she was treated.

Accommodation and meals are already included in the final price with no hidden fees. If the next day it is possible to confirm that the operation went according to plan, the patient can be accompanied by a pre-selected companion.

STEP 3: Recovery and Postoperative Care

After discharge from the clinic, it is extremely important to follow the care instructions provided by your surgeon. It’s also important to follow-up your appointments, which take place after one, three and six-eight weeks ( depending on the surgery performed).

The final check-up appointment is usually made four to six months after the operation.

Risks & Complications in Plastic Surgery

Like all operations, plastic surgery also involves risks that are generally related to intolerance reactions to anesthesia or possible post-operative complications, such as hematomas, infections, or healing problems.

 There is always a risk of complications even if the surgeon has operated perfectly, as there are factors that can increase the risk of complications, such as smoking as it interferes with the healing process, or taking various types of medications.

It is essential to adhere strictly to the surgeon’s instructions before and after plastic surgery to minimize potential risks.

Sometimes, after plastic surgery, a small surgical touch-up may be necessary to perfect the result, as the outcome is not always entirely predictable, and no aesthetic plastic surgeon will ever be able to guarantee you a risk-free operation and a perfect result.

Plastic Surgery Before-and-After Photos

Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey

These are various types of plastic surgery procedures requested in Turkey, along with an estimate of the average price ranges for these procedures. The surgeon’s experience, the clinic’s location, and the patient’s needs are just a few examples of the variables that could affect these approximate cost ranges.  

Procedure Type Average Cost Range (USD)
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) $1,500 – $4,000
Breast Augmentation $2,000 – $5,000
Liposuction $1,500 – $4,000
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) $2,000 – $5,000
Facelift $2,000 – $5,000
Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty) $1,500 – $3,500
Breast Reduction $2,000 – $4,500
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) $1,800 – $4,000
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) $2,500 – $6,000
Mommy Makeover $3,000 – $7,000
Lip Augmentation $500 – $1,500
Chin Implant $1,000 – $2,500
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) $1,000 – $2,500
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) $1,500 – $3,500
Thigh Lift $2,000 – $4,500
Gynecomastia Surgery $1,500 – $4,000
Hair Transplant $1,500 – $3,500 (per session)

To ensure you are informed about every aspect of plastic surgeries  and their costs in Turkey, we have already prepared a comprehensive guide. To read it, click here: How Much Is Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Why Is Turkey So Good at Plastic Surgery?

Turkey offers more reasonable prices for plastic surgery without compromising on quality.

Firstly, because living costs are lower in Turkey, overhead costs like rent and employee salaries can be lowered as well, which is reflected in the total cost of procedures.

 In addition, the Turkish government has passed regulations to encourage medical tourism by providing tax breaks and financial support to medical centers, making plastic surgery available to foreign patients easy and affordable cost.

Turkey has become known for its cutting-edge healthcare infrastructure, modern facilities, and hospitals with international accreditation that follow rigorous safety standards. Numerous plastic surgeons in Turkey are members of esteemed international medical groups and have completed their study and training abroad. Furthermore, Turkey is becoming a well-liked medical tourism destination, drawing patients from all over the world, which highlights the significance of upholding excellent standards even more.

Finally, Turkey has plenty of highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons, which promotes competition and lowers costs to draw in more patients.

How to Choose the Best Plastic Surgeon in Turkey?

To find the best plastic surgeon in Turkey, you can follow these steps:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends or acquaintances who have already had a plastic surgery operation with a professional in Turkey. Along with details about your own experiences and the type of results, this will provide you with a preliminary list of names to think about.
  • Search online for patient reviews and comments on medical and plastic surgeon sites in Turkey. This will give you an idea of ​​other patients’ opinions and experiences and may help you identify any surgeons who have a track record of success.
  •  Consult the websites of plastic surgery companies to find qualified and experienced surgeons specializing in plastic surgery. These websites often list the credentials and experiences of their surgeons, as well as information about how they treat their patients and before and after photos.
  • Make an appointment for a consultation with multiple plastic surgeons in Turkey and interview them. You will be able to talk about your expectations, get to know the surgeons, and evaluate your own circumstances. Asking detailed questions concerning their experience, the caliber of their output, and their procedures is crucial at this point.
  • Accreditations and certificates come in a number that might assist you in finding a trustworthy plastic surgeon in Turkey.
  •   The Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (ESAPS) membership is the first organization to seek out a surgeon. By virtue of this membership, the surgeon is guaranteed to have upheld ethical standards and fulfilled specific professional obligations.
  • Additionally, find out if the surgeon has been certified as a board member by the Turkish Medical Association or other internationally renowned plastic surgery boards. Equally significant is the clinic or hospital where the surgeon practices accreditation.
  • Seek out facilities that hold certification from globally renowned agencies like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Joint Commission International (JCI). The clinic satisfies strict safety and quality standards thanks to this accreditation.

Planning Your Plastic Surgery Trip to Turkey with Lerra Clinic

Here are all the details of your plastic surgery trip to Turkey along with the benefits of choosing Lerra Clinic.

  • Contact Our Doctors
    After you provide us with the necessary information, you will be able to consult our doctors. We discuss your goals and concerns. From there, we’ll work together to develop a personalized treatment plan that best suits you.
  • Let us plan your travel
    When you decide to travel to Turkey, We will ensure that we are with you every step of the way from the time you leave your country, during your treatment in our facility and until the day you are fit to fly back home.
  •  Welcome to Turkey
    Arrive in Turkey and start your unforgettable journey with our experts.
  • Treatment Process
    We specialize in unique procedures developed by our expert doctors, provided in a warm and friendly environment. The treatment that is decided by you and our doctors will be applied with the best possible care.

Is It Safe to Get Plastic Surgery in Turkey?

Applying global standards is crucial when evaluating plastic surgery safety in Turkey.

With its highly qualified doctors and state-of-the-art clinics, Turkey has established itself as a global leader in plastic surgery. One of its main advantages is that it offers high-quality procedures at a fraction of the cost in the West because of its competitive pricing. Although there are risks associated with travel and language barriers, they can be minimized with careful preparation and following post-operative instructions and through in-clinic translation services, which are found in most Turkish clinics. To put it briefly, Turkey offers a secure and affordable choice for people looking to improve their appearance without sacrificing quality.


In most cases, the scars heal in a matter of weeks to months, but it could take up to a year to notice the full recovery. Your body's ability to heal from a wound is also influenced by personal factors.

Yes , there are non-invasive alternatives to traditional surgery like injectable treatments,  radiofrequency treatments, ultrasound treatments and laser treatments

As long as you're in good health, many plastic surgeons are familiar with combining at least two surgeries, however, safety is always the priority. Combining liposuction with a tummy tuck, rhinoplasty with a chin implant, and breast augmentation with a breast lift, etc.

The majority of plastic surgery operations still have a few- to more than-ten-year lifespans.

If you're thinking about getting plastic surgery, keep in mind that, regardless of your age, more intrusive operations always entail a lengthier recovery period. However, if your general health is good, your age shouldn't be a barrier to achieving the desired cosmetic adjustments.

Turkey enjoys advantageous exchange rates, which lowers the cost of surgical treatments for patients from other countries. This benefit results from the Turkish lira's (TRY) very low value about other major currencies, which lowers conversion costs for individuals changing other currencies to TRY.

Turkey is well-known for performing a variety of plastic surgeries, such as liposuction, rhinoplasty (nose job), hair transplants, and breast augmentation.

As usual, to enter Turkey, visitors from other countries must have a valid passport, a valid visa, or a copy of an authorized online eVisa. Check the most recent travel advisories and lockdown updates. Turkey's tourist travel regulations are constantly being reviewed in light of the changing global situation.

Successful completion of a rigorous accreditation process according to JCI is a signal to patients that a health care organization has undergone an exacting performance assessment and met a robust series of qualifications in patient safety and quality of care.

You should discuss whether this procedure is the best option for you, discuss your complete health history and the medications you take, tell the doctor whether you are a smoker or not, the potential benefits and complications after the plastic surgery, etc.

Most nations do not have laws that provide guarantees to surgeons on the outcome of plastic surgery. This makes sense because there is no way to fully anticipate how a patient will appear following surgery.

Yes, The cost of plastic surgery is almost three times lower in Turkey than it is in the US.

After having plastic surgery, be cautious to know what your circumstances require before booking a flight. Though this might vary, patients who are flying after plastic surgery should generally wait at least one full week between their procedure and their departure before boarding an aircraft.

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