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PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Plasma injection for hair, its importance and benefits

It is known that blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and also there is what is called plasma, and plasma is a white-yellow liquid composed of water, proteins, inorganic ions and some organic substances. Blood plasma accounts for 55% of the total blood volume in the human body, and cells account for 45%. The main function of plasma in the body is to give fluidity to the blood, facilitate its movement, transport nutrition to the cells, and carry the products of the metabolic process. Plasma has historically been used in many medical treatments such as bone and heart diseases, and from the beginning of the eighteenth decade of the last century, plasma injections began to be used in the field of treating light hair problems and hair loss by injecting plasma into the scalp with plasma, which leads to cell renewal and stimulates the formation of collagen and proteins, which promotes hair growth and repair, and this is one of the main techniques used by the doctor of LERRA CLINIC
There are many benefits that we get through the hair injection process at Lerra Clinic, including, for example:
• Plasma injection treats the problem of hair loss by stimulating the body to secrete collagen, which helps the growth of new hair follicles.
• Plasma injections treat the problem of hair breakage and maintain its freshness and vitality.
• It strengthens the hair follicles and fixes them in the scalp.
• Plasma injections help fill the hair spaces inside the scalp and cover the effects of scars that impede hair growth
• At first, a small amount of the patient's blood, about 8 milliliters, is withdrawn.
• The blood is placed in a special tube containing an anticoagulant and then placed in a device called a centrifuge, which spins the tube in rapid cycles, resulting in the separation of the plasma from the rest of the other blood components.
•Plasma is drawn and saturated with platelets, then calcium is added for better results and to help cell regeneration and growth.
•Plasma is introduced into tiny needles intended for use in the scalp, and these needles do not cause much pain so there is no need to put a local anesthetic except in a few cases. It is possible that the doctor will apply anesthetic paint before starting the injection process. Sometimes use a piece of ice before the injection to relieve the anticipated pain.
•The procedure is usually repeated during several plasma sessions, and the number may vary from patient to patient depending on the vision of Lerra Clinic doctor, but often the first results begin to appear after the third session, but the definitive benefits of hair injections appear at the earliest after three months, possibly after six months.
• Not washing the head or showering for a full 24 hours after the plasma injection for hair.
• Refrain from putting any kind of dyes, creams and chemical hair preparations for two full weeks after the treatment.
• In the event of swelling or irritation and redness of the scalp, you should place an ice cube on the scalp, and avoid applying any cream or lotion without consulting a doctor.
• Be careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight in the first week after you perform the injection, and in case it is necessary to go out at noon, you must wear a hat or head cover.
• Make sure to drink plenty of water, to stimulate the growth of scalp cells and rid them of toxins.
• Eat food that contains high levels of minerals and vitamins, to help achieve the best results after the plasma injection process and get the desired results.
These are the main and most important instructions and recommendations in general after having the hair plasma injection procedure at Lerra Clinic, but the doctor's advice and instructions after the operation remain the top priority also the instructions may vary depending on the person's condition and health status.
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