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Preparing for a Hair Transplant

Preparation Before Hair Transplantation

The most important advice and instructions before hair transplantation at Lerra Clinic, but the instructions may vary slightly depending on the condition, so the advice and observation of the attending physician is the most important when examining the patient and deciding the surgery date of people and technology performed by specialists
• It is prohibited to take vitamins and dietary supplements for at least two weeks prior to hair transplantation, particularly vitamin E, which has the effect of reducing blood viscosity and increasing fluidity.
• Refrain from smoking for at least two weeks, as smoking has a negative impact on the final result of the transplantation process and has a negative impact on wound healing as it weakens blood circulation, causing the transplanted hair to heal more slowly.
• Blood-thinning medications such as aspirin are strictly prohibited for two weeks prior to the operation.
• If this person regularly takes medications and medical treatments, it is necessary to inform the specialist doctor about these medications so that the doctor can determine which of these medications may have an effect on the progress of the operation and which do not, and how to deal with this effect if it is required.
• Alcoholic beverages are prohibited for a period ranging from two weeks to a full month before the operation due to their effect on blood fluidity.
•You must abstain from diets for a month before the hair transplant date because they cause a lack of minerals in the body, which the body requires to speed up the recovery period after the operation.
• Avoid strenuous sports and heavy lifting for at least a week before the transplant.
• The night before the operation, you must sleep early the night before the surgery to be in the highest level of psychological and physical comfort on the day of surgery.
• Wear appropriate clothing that does not interfere with your comfort during the process, such as a shirt with buttons that does not touch your head or hair when you take it off.
• Avoid eating sugary or protein- or fat-rich foods the night before your transplant; instead, eat a light dinner and nothing more.
• It is recommended to take a shower the night before the operation because you will not shower after the transplant for several days.
• Shortening the hair if the doctor requests that, and this depends mainly on the transplantation technique decided by the doctor.
• Complete safety Although hair transplantation falls under the names of surgical procedures, it is absolutely safe as it is performed in a natural way. The goal is to transplant the hair loss areas with natural follicles from the same person, and the Lerra Clinic doctor can perform this procedure professionally, with high professionalism and experience. With this procedure, there is no over-the-top chemical or even surgical intervention that causes the person to be afraid of it or that it leads to more damage to the hair or scalp.
• Natural appearance One of the most significant benefits of hair transplantation at Lerra Clinic Turkey is that the person receives a natural-looking hair transplant, which means that the person can restore the look of their natural hair that they had prior to hair loss. Allowing the follicles to grow in the same direction and shape as natural hair is far superior to other synthetic hair application methods. • A Permanent And Continuous Solution Many people suffer as a result of their experiences with many temporary solutions such as doctor's prescriptions and topical treatments, but with the presence of Lerra Clinic's hair transplant techniques, you can have natural hair that lasts for a long time without any change. Also, after your hair transplant at Lerra Clinic, you can pretend as nothing happened, so you can dye and cut your hair as you please without worrying about it being affected by chemicals found in hair creams or dyes.
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