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Periodontal cosmetic surgery

Periodontal Cosmetic Surgery

Gum aesthetics is a cosmetic procedure performed for those with a gummy smile whose gums appear prominent in their smile, which can have a negative impact on the human psychology, but with the advancement in the world of cosmetic dentistry, you can now perform cosmetic procedures for the gums and reducing their size to emphasize the teeth in the smile and reduce the appearance of the gums. Lerra Clinic, the best hospital in Europe, offers you periodontal cosmetic laser surgery, the main advantage of which is that it does not require anesthesia, making this procedure easier than surgical intervention with a scalpel, during which part of the gum is removed using laser and this procedure does not cause any feeling of pain
Gingival cosmetic is not only only a change in the color of the gums, but also removes the dark layer which is the main cause of smoking, and heredity is also one of the factors, but gum treatment also has the effect of whitening the gum color to make it naturally more pink.
The duration of the periodontal cosmetic procedure is no more than 40 minutes and no less than 20 minutes, depending on the condition of the gums of the person. Smokers are also advised to refrain from smoking for at least two days to speed up recovery after the procedure and work on healing the gums faster.
Cosmetic gum surgery requires no more than one session, so you can have the perfect smile with a perfect procedure in the hands of a Lerra Clinic doctor.

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