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Filler Injection

Filler Injection

Skin voids in the face are one of the most visible signs of aging, which bothers many people and has an impact on their mental health, especially in women. These voids can cause prominent and clear lines when smiling, around the eyes, and in the lip area,as the female sex cares about the luster of the face a lot, which It is considered one of the most important features of their beauty, so the field of cosmetology studied the matter to come up with a filler material that works to restore the youth and freshness of the face again by injecting the filler material with it. Lerra Clinic, the first among cosmetic hospitals in Turkey and Europe, offers you the procedure of facial filler injections in safe and effective ways to reach the optimal result to restore the freshness of your face again

The case is presented to a specialist Lerra Clinic doctor, who determines the injection sites based on the voids in the skin of the face, after which he injects the filler, which works to fill the voids in the face that caused the prominent lines, so that the face regains its freshness and beauty. This procedure is quick and is one of the few simple cosmetic procedures that do not require general anesthesia; only local anesthesia is used to prevent the tingling of injections in the face.

Of course, the doctor will order some tests to determine whether the condition is suitable for filler injections. Furthermore, you must inform your doctor if you have any chronic diseases in order to determine the appropriate treatment, as well as refrain from taking blood clotting medications such as aspirin.

During the first three days after the procedure, one should not sleep on the face in anticipation of any defect that may occur to the subcutaneous material, and the face should not be bumped and cosmetics should not be used for women so that the injection sites do not become inflamed, in addition to Scars may appear in the injection sites; however, you should not be concerned because these scars will disappear three days after the injection procedure is completed.


You must contact our medical team at Lerra Clinic Hospital to provide the best medical advice and perform the procedure at the hands of our specialist doctor in order to enjoy a correct and proper procedure and an ideal result.


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