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Choi Pen Technique In DHI Hair Transplantation

The Choi pen technique in hair transplantation is one of the most advanced methods available, distinguishing Lerra Clinic from other cosmetic hospitals. Choi pens are pen-like tools with a hollow needle attached to a tube and a piston, which the specialist doctor at Lerra Clinic uses to extract hair follicles from the donor area, then replants the follicles on the scalp in the bald area, and then repeats the process for each follicle. These pens enables the doctor to transplant hair without opening channels for transplantation first; instead, he transplants hair follicles directly
  • First: Determine the front line


The frontal line is drawn and defined by the doctor to ensure that it is consistent with the patient's facial features and conforms to his shape.


  • Second: Determine the donor and recipient areas


At Lerra Clinic, the doctor determines the donor area, which is the abundance of hair from which the hair follicles will be extracted. The doctor also identifies the recipient area, which is a bald area with no hair or a small percentage of hair, and works to prepare it to receive the hair follicles taken from the donor area.


  • Third: Local anesthesia for the operation area


The doctor anesthetizes the donor area as needed, whether with fat or by injecting the anesthetic into the patient's head without pain using a device called Painless Anesthesia.




  • Fourth, extraction of hair follicles from the donor area

The best hair follicles in the donor area have been identified, which are follicles with three or more hairs.

After the doctor takes a look at the area, they decide to remove the hair follicles from the donor area. They use a small machine called a micrograph motor, which is smaller than a pencil eraser. This machine separates the hair follicle from the scalp and removes it without leaving any trace.

We do not place the follicles in any solution to save them in this technique, so there is no need for that, as they do not remain outside for more than one minute, as the doctor implants them directly.

  • Fifth: Cultivation of the extracted follicles by Choi pens

The Lerra Clinic doctor places the extracted follicles directly inside Choi's pen and implants them one by one until the full number of follicles is implanted. The doctor can plant over 7,000 follicles in a single session using this technique.

The doctor can plant approximately 80 follicles per centimeter due to the small size of the Choi pen head, and the angle of planting the follicle is 40-45 degrees in the same direction as the natural hair follicle.

It is worth noting that the operation at Lerra Clinic is usually completed in a single session with ease and safety, leaving no scars or traces on the skin after the procedure.

  • We do not need to shave the hair completely before the operation, so it is preferable for women and men who prefer to leave their hair long without shaving.
  • Because the doctor implants the follicle immediately after extracting it, the success rate is very high, approaching 100%.
  • The procedure is completely safe and leaves no unsightly scars or effects.
  • It allows us to have more hair and thicker hair, and the follicles that have been transplanted are strong.
  • Avoid any infection after the operation because Choi pens are only used once and then discarded.
  • Recovery occurs quickly, and the individual returns to his or her normal life and routine.

In the beginning, Lerra Clinic doctor examines the patient to determine whether or not his health conditions allow him to perform the operation at this time

The doctor will then order blood tests to ensure that the patient is free of any diseases that could result in the operation.

When we are certain that all of the patient's health conditions are suitable, we select the appropriate technique for him based on the doctor's advice and the baldness area he has, and the hair model that the patient desires is drawn and prepared in preparation for transplantation.

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