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Buttock Lift & Reduction

Buttocks Lift And Reduction

Many people suffer from an enlarged butt and severe sagging in it, which can be uncomfortable, and while this problem is not limited to women, the vast majority of those who suffer from it are women, so Lerra Clinic offers you the ideal solution, which is a butt lift and reduction procedure.

Lerra Clinic is considered one of the best Turkish hospitals, as it has a distinguished medical staff, the best in Europe in the world of cosmetics, so you can contact us to do this procedure.

The patient and the doctor agree on the final outcome of the butt lift and reduction surgery, and the surgical butt reduction procedure is performed under general anesthesia, but the location of the surgical incision is determined by the doctor based on the size of the butt itself and the location of the sagging, where the surgical incision can be made above the buttocks or below the buttocks, after that, the excess skin that causes sagging is removed, along with liposuction and disposal, which causes the size of the buttocks to grow. In addition, the fat is filtered and reprocessed to inject the buttocks with it again and redistribute it well to raise the buttocks itself, and then the surgical incision is closed after removing the excess skin, muscles and tissues that cause the size of the buttocks to be large and sagging, and this procedure takes a period of up to two hours, depending on the case itself and the desired result.

Absolutely yes, because buttock augmentation and reduction is a surgical procedure, the case must first be reviewed by a specialized Lerra Clinic doctor to ensure that the health condition is suitable for undergoing the procedure by performing the examinations required by the doctor, as well as knowing whether the patient suffers from chronic diseases that prevent him from performing the procedure. Because this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, it is also necessary to refrain from taking medications that cause blood clotting, such as aspirin, and to ensure that the patient can be completely anesthetized.

Everyone who performs this procedure requires a two-week recovery period, and especially during the first days, one must not sit on the buttocks, as this is more reliable for the stitches in the wound to ensure good wound healing, in addition to not taking treatments that prevent blood clotting, such as aspirin, to ensure that this does not occur. Bleeding and water must be removed from the wound site, as well as any pollutants that may cause wound contamination; alcoholic beverages must be avoided; and you must follow the treatments prescribed by your doctor.

Your commitment to the doctor's instructions before and after the operation is an essential and important part of achieving the desired result without putting the patient's health at risk, as well as ensuring the operation's success and the expected final result. The best plastic surgeons in Europe work inside our hospital.



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