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Botox to prevent bruxism

Jaw Botox To Prevent Bruxism

Many people suffer from severely closing their jaws, which produces a sound known as "grinding of teeth," which deteriorates dental health because this occlusion works to erode the teeth, which is an involuntary activity carried out by the brain. Unconsciousness as a result of nerve pressure on the jaws, which often occurs at night during sleep, but this does not preclude it from occurring during the day, especially if the individual is forced to press the nerves involuntarily, and thus this problem develops. At the hands of one of Europe's greatest doctors, Lerra Clinic has presented you with the right method and solution to reduce this problem, which is the practice of injecting Botox into the nerve in the jaw. In its most basic form, this surgery inhibits or paralyzes the nerve that causes extreme occlusion to the jaws, resulting in Reducing pressure on the teeth, which avoids tooth erosion, acts to maintain dental health, and also stops the sound of "Bruxism" from developing.

This problem is treated by injecting Botox into the jaw muscle, which primarily generates significant pressure on the teeth as a result of chewing, and which helps to inhibit or paralyze the activity of this muscle, so reducing severe occlusion on the teeth and thereby preserving the teeth.

The botox treatment for the jaw is so simple that you may return to your normal life immediately after it is completed, especially if it is performed by Lerra Clinic specialists who are very competent in doing this process to maintain the health of your teeth.

Therefore, dear follower, You can call us to have our medical team help and carry out this procedure smoothly and safely without any problems affecting your regular life. You'll feel better after the procedure, because it will help keep your teeth healthy.

With Lerra Clinic, your dental health is in our hands

The person may not be aware that he has a bruxism problem, but he may have symptoms that indicate if he has the disorder. One of the most important signs is having headaches in the morning, when teeth are grinding against each other during sleep. This can lead to a headache as a result of the high pressure on teeth. In addition, over time because of the erosion of teeth, the person may be more sensitive to hot and cold foods.

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