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How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey

How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey

A dental implant with a fixed prosthesis is one of the best dental solutions to regain a dazzling smile and recover the chewing functions of the mouth in case one or more teeth have been lost.
During the long journey of life, it can happen that you lose a tooth or even all of it, whether for reasons due to trauma or pathologies.

When this happens and the time comes to replace one or more teeth, patients turn to their trusted dentist to find a solution, but they are full of doubts and questions.
One of the most frequent questions from patients who come to Lerra Clinic to replace a tooth or rehabilitate an entire dental arch is: How Long Do Dental Implants Take in Turkey, how is the dental implant surgery performed, will I feel pain?
In this blog, Lerra Clinic will delve deeper into the topic relating to the duration of a dental implant, answering to remove any doubts from the patients who read us.

But is it possible to have dental implants inserted in one day and thus restore all of your teeth?
Let’s see! 

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a fixed prosthetic device, consisting of a small titanium screw, which allows you to replace the natural root of the missing tooth.

 Through a dental implant in Turkey, it is possible to restore one or more missing or extracted teeth, with the grafting of artificial roots  (implants), fixed in the mandible or maxilla, and with the use of fixed dental prostheses, through a process called osseointegration.

 The dental implant in Turkey is made of titanium, a perfectly biocompatible material, which guarantees perfect integration with the bone, providing a firm anchoring point for the replacement tooth (crown) and preventing rejection.

The purpose of a dental implant is to cover the space left free by one or more missing or extracted teeth, in the upper or lower dental arch.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implant Installation Procedure

The installation procedure of a dental implant in Turkey begins with the patient being seated in a special dental chair or on an operating table and with subsequent local anesthesia (in most cases). Then, it continues with the insertion of the various components of the dental implant (the focal point of the procedure) and ends with the immediate discharge of the patient. 

   Insertion of the dental implant: the main steps

Inserting the dental implant in the desired location is a rather complex operation, the main steps of which are, in order, the following:

  • The incision of the gum and the lifting of a flap of the latter, with the aim of exposing the underlying maxillary or mandibular bone.
  • Drilling the bone responsible for supporting the endosseous screw.
  • Inserting the endosseous screw into the newly created hole. It is the most delicate moment of the entire procedure. The final solidity of the entire dental implant depends on a good insertion of the endosseous screw.
  • The attachment of the other elements making up the dental implant to the endosseous screw.

 It should be specified that the last step can take place either immediately after insertion of the endosseous screw (in this case, dentists speak of “immediate loading” or “Same Day Dental Implants” ) or a few weeks after insertion of the screw when the process is underway of osseointegration.

 In other words, therefore, the insertion of the dental implant can take place in a single session or in two distinct sessions.

Course of anesthesia

The effects of local anesthesia wear off within a few hours. Their disappearance also coincides with the complete recovery of sensitivity in the mouth.

In contrast, the effects of general anesthesia can last for an entire day, if not for more than 24 hours.

The typical sensations that people undergoing general anaesthesia experience in the 24 hours following surgery are: feelings of dizziness and/or confusion, poor receptivity to stimuli, nausea, and vomiting. These are not serious problems, however, it is best for the patient to ask for the support of a relative or trusted friend, at least until the day following the installation of the dental implant.

dentist puts inhalation sedative mask on her patient.

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Who is a good candidate for dental implants?

For the installation of a dental implant, it is absolutely essential that the gums and maxillary or mandibular bone tissue are in good health.

Typically, people who are scheduled to have a dental implant installed must undergo a radiographic  (X-ray) examination of their mouth before the procedure.

By providing information relating to the anatomy of the maxilla and mandible (the so-called dental impressions), this radiographic examination helps the dentist to create a dental implant suited to the patient’s needs and precisely plan the various stages of the future installation procedure.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

Without performing an X-ray examination of the mouth, the creation and application of a dental implant would be impossible.

Sometimes, although very rarely, the X-ray examination of the mouth may not be sufficient; in the aforementioned circumstances, the execution of a CT scan is essential. 

What are the advantages of dental implants?

  •         Complete restoration of oral aesthetics :

    Dental implants help fill the gaps left by missing teeth and restore the self-confidence that is worth a beautiful smile.

  • Full function restoration orally :

    Dental implants in the mouth feel very similar to natural teeth, so patients can return to their normal diet once the implants are ‘osseointegrated’ with the jawbone. This means eating all the foods you used to like and couldn’t eat before.

  • Speech :

    Our teeth play an essential role in speech and in the articulation of the mouth including the tongue, consequently, the lack of even a single tooth compromises these functions to the point of losing the correct use of speech. Dental implants successfully help fill gaps and restore the correct interaction of the teeth with the tongue and lips while speaking.

  • Self-supporting solution :

    Dental implants, being ‘rooted’ in the jaw bone via a titanium screw, are “freestanding” or self-supporting so that they do not require support from the surrounding teeth and gums such as removable dentures and bridges. As a result, they do not cause irritability and inflammation of the gums or inflict damage on the surrounding teeth.

  • Minimal discomfort:

    Sophisticated software and 3D, virtual images allow oral surgeons at Lerra Clinic to insert dental implants with minimal incisions and sutures. This means minimal post-operative pain, less discomfort, and a much shorter recovery period.

  • Long-term solution: 
    Dental implants generally last for decades. If cared for properly with good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, they can even last a lifetime! This makes them the ideal long-term solution for single or multiple missing teeth

  • Dental stability :

    When a tooth is lost and untreated, neighbouring teeth begin to shift to fill the gap left behind. This instability travels from one tooth to another, compromising and destabilizing the entire dental arch with a sort of ‘domino effect’. Dental implants provide the right support to adjacent teeth.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and functional solution :
    Implants not only provide an aesthetically pleasing but above all functional solution for a missing tooth, replacing the important source of ‘functional stimulus’ (associated with eating and chewing) that is lost due to the loss of the root. This “functional stimulus” helps maintain good bone volume, keeping your jaws healthy and strong.


Dental Implants in Turkey
  • When a tooth is lost, the gum and bone tissue tend to disappear as a result of a natural remodeling process.
    If this condition is not treated promptly, it can often create many problems not only for the patient but for the dentist, who will have to reshape the mouth again. By inserting a dental implant in place of the missing tooth in the shortest possible time, the shape of your bone and gum will not change, thus preserving the quality of your beautiful smile!

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What Do Same-Day Dental Implants Mean?

Same-day dental implants also known as Immediate loading implants, is a dental implant technique that allows patients to have a new smile, if the clinical case allows it, in 24/48 hours and immediately return to eating as before.
Over the course of one session, the dentist inserts dental implants, and titanium screws, in the places where the teeth are missing and fixes the temporary prosthesis, that is the new artificial teeth. This type of prosthesis allows the mouth to heal without giving up its aesthetic appearance and a beautiful and functional smile. After a few months, once healing has occurred, the temporary prosthesis will be replaced by the permanent one.

Dental Implant model

Immediate-loading implants are very useful for patients who have lost one or more teeth in visible areas of the mouth, such as the front one, and feel embarrassed by this condition. This same-day dental implant technique also helps patients to immediately return to eating and carrying out normal daily activities, without waiting several months.  

Factors Influencing the Timeline

To carry out immediate loading implant surgery, it is necessary that the mandibular and/or maxillary bone has the right density and a suitable thickness to accommodate the implants and that there are no problems affecting the gums. Dentists remind us that to carry out the operation it is necessary to have a healthy mouth, free of oral pathologies and gum inflammation.
In studying the clinical case, the dentist uses cutting-edge equipment and tools that allow for an overall view of the patient’s mouth and bone structure. To do this, you can request X-rays and study the mouth with the oral scanner, a digital tool that collects information on the shape and size of the patient’s dental arches.

Dental Implants in Turkey - Lerra Clinic

Once the necessary information has been obtained, the expert will then be able to evaluate whether to carry out immediate loading implant surgery or whether to resort to other types of treatment.

What Are The Advantages of Immediate Loading Implants?

      Fixed teeth in 72 hours: this is obviously the strong point of these implants. Rather than waiting several months before you can have your denture on the implant, your new tooth is restored right away.

  • An optimal choice for those who have lost all their teeth: imagine how much time will have to pass before, one implant at a time, you can have all your teeth back in perfect working order. For those who no longer have teeth, classic implants involve a lot of inconvenience.

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Traditional implant surgery involves the positioning of the implant in two phases, which entails the completion of the surgical treatment in approximately six months, while immediate loading implants allow the procedure to be completed on the same day.

Conventional dental implants require healing of the gum and bone before the crown can be placed on the implant. The main disadvantage of this procedure is undoubtedly the waiting time during which the patient must live without teeth. Sometimes temporary crowns can be inserted before the permanent teeth, but the latter have aesthetic and functional characteristics that are not comparable to definitive crowns.

Dental Implant treatment in Turkey can take from 3 months to 1 year. 

Turkey is a desirable option for international patients due to its reduced cost of living and competitive rates of practice in dental implants. 

No, the operation to place a dental implant is not painful as the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia with conscious sedation. Post-operatively, the patient may experience slight pain and some discomfort that is bearable and can be kept under control with oral painkillers.

Turkey offers affordable dental implant choices while upholding strict safety standards. Do research and pick trustworthy clinics. Patient reviews, before and after photos, and surgeons' qualifications can help you find the right dentist for you in Turkey

The application of the implant is done at the first session, and implant prosthetic treatment is done during the second. Even if temporary teeth were inserted during the initial visit, they are not meant to be worn over an extended period of time. Permanent teeth need to be replaced once the healing process is complete.

The average cost of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey is around $3,000-$7,000 depending on your preferred method, material, and the specific condition of your teeth.

It's crucial to remember that, despite the lower price, dental implant surgeries in Turkey employ materials and care that meet or exceed global standards. 

Dental implants in Turkey typically have a success rate of up to 98%. Implants can last a lifetime if used properly.

If a bone transplant or sinus lift is not required, there will be less stress to the area, allowing you to take off nearly immediately. You might have to wait 10 to 14 days after your operation if you require several dental implants or if your procedure is complicated.

For the first few days, you'll only be given liquids (clear soup, yogurt, tea). After that, you'll progress to mashed or soft foods and finally, after 3 or 4 weeks, you'll be able to eat solid foods again. This type of food intake after surgery is important, as it gives your body time to heal.

The option to combine dental care with a peaceful vacation is another appealing feature of selecting Turkey for dental implants. Turkey is the perfect place to recover and explore after treatment because of its breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, and dynamic culture. 

You must seek recommendations from your dentist as soon as possible if, after a few days, you suffer worsening discomfort and swelling so that we can make sure you are not starting to develop an infection. 

In comparison to bridges, implants have a much greater success rate. The dental bridge is initially less expensive, but it can eventually need to be updated. Implants may initially seem more expensive, but they often end up being more affordable in the future.

To Wrap Things Up

The patient who decides to choose immediate loading implants and the insertion of dental implants equipped with a crown (the part of the natural tooth or prosthetic product that is above the gum) in a single solution, must also satisfy some minimum requirements for the procedure to be successful: if the implant does not integrate correctly with the bone structure of the jaws, the procedure will ultimately fail. If the tooth is located in a location where significant force will later be applied, the chances of implant survival will decrease dramatically.

 However, if you decide to opt for immediate loading implants, there are many advantages that you can take into consideration. First, it reduces healing time and allows patients to continue the necessary daily functionality of their teeth, even if there is no real need to tolerate the inconvenience of chewing load on the crowns while the bone is in the process of healing.

 Since the patient requires only one session to complete the procedure, it goes without saying that less anxiety and stress are involved and the need for re-operation to uncover the implants below the gum is eliminated. This allows patients who came to Turkey specifically to complete the procedure and return to their country.

If you need to carry out implant surgery to replace a tooth or restore an entire dental arch, you can rely on the experience of Lerra Clinic’s dentists.

At Lerra Clinic you will find specialized medical staff, a team of continuously trained professionals, and cutting-edge materials and equipment.


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