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Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

Do you feel shy about smiling in public? Is it the missing tooth that bothers you? It’s an annoying problem.

Well, a beautiful smile can add value to your face and not having teeth can make you lose your self-confidence. If you are missing one or more teeth and want to regain your smile, we are here to help you!

 As we all know, several dental procedures including dentures and bridges can help you fix missing teeth. However, investing in full-mouth dental implants can give you fruitful results. Wondering, how? When you choose temporary dental procedures such as – dentures, you may experience discomfort. Well, Fortunately, having full mouth dental implants will solve all these problems most reliably. The treatment shows significant results and helps restore your smile. Lerra Clinic provides you with a comprehensive guide to be aware of everything related to Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals.

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What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used to replace every tooth in a jaw in a full mouth restoration, a procedure commonly referred to as full arch implants or implant-supported dentures. This all-inclusive solution provides a stable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing replacement for conventional dentures. The implants restore the complete upper or lower arch of teeth by acting as anchors for a prosthetic device made to order. This revolutionary process improves the appearance, oral health, and general quality of life for people who have lost a substantial amount of teeth or who want a tooth replacement that feels more secure and natural.

comfort feeling after dental implant in turkey

How Do Full Mouth Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are sturdy but tiny titanium screws that are surgically inserted into the jaw to replace missing or broken teeth. In a full-mouth dental implant, the entire upper and lower arch is restored, so you will experience a complete makeover. Although the healing period of these implants is a little longer than other dental procedures, these are meant to last a lifetime and look just like natural teeth.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals

For people traveling to Turkey for medical purposes, dental clinics provide a comprehensive range of dental implant treatments to help patients grow teeth in both their upper and lower jaws, depending on the suitability of their jaw bones. Furthermore, Turkey offers a range of full-mouth dental implant options and rates based on the needs and preferences of each patient. However, the type of implant used, and the unique details of the patient’s treatment determine the price and overall value of full-mouth dental implants in Turkey.

Dental Implant Aesthetic appearance

At Lerra Clinic in Turkey, we offer our customers full-mouth dental implants along with top-notch medical care and vacation packages in Istanbul. Furthermore, compared to other nations, Istanbul, Turkey offers highly competitive and affordable full-mouth dental implant costs. We can offer excellent treatment outcomes for a whole spectrum of dental implant treatments in Istanbul, Turkey, because of our highly competent dentists.

Why Are The Package Deals and Prices of Full Mouth Dental Implants Different in Turkey?

Several factors contribute to the total cost and value of the procedure, which explains the variety of package offers and prices for full-mouth dental implants in Turkey.

  • Lower Operating Costs:
    Compared to many Western nations, operating a dentistry practice in Turkey often has reduced overhead, employees, and facility costs. Clinics can provide reasonable costs for dental operations as a result.
  • Living Expenses
    The general lower cost of living in Turkey affects dental practitioners’ expenses, which in turn affects dental service prices.
  • Competitive Market Dynamics:
    Turkey’s dental tourism sector is solid, which makes the market for dental clinics competitive in its marketplace. International patients may find dental care more affordable because of this competition driving down costs.
  • Currency Exchange Rates:
    Lower expenses for patients from abroad can be a result of favorable currency exchange rates. The value of several currencies relative to the Turkish Lira may increase the affordability of dental care.
  • Government Support and Incentives:
    Some Turkish dental clinics might be able to offer high-quality care at lower costs because of government subsidies or encouragement.
  • Volume of Patients:
    Clinics can provide package deals with affordable pricing due to savings of scale, which are made possible by the large number of foreign patients who go to Turkey for dental care.
  • Quality of Materials:
    Reputable dental clinics in Turkey use top-notch supplies and cutting-edge equipment, so even if their costs may be lower, the quality of care adheres to or exceeds international standards.
  • Inclusive Package Deals:
    A variety of services, including transportation, lodging, and treatment following surgery, are frequently included in package deals. These extensive offers add to the package’s overall price and popularity.

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How Many Times Should You Visit Turkey for Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The number of visits needed for full-mouth dental implants in Turkey varies depending on the selected method, the intricacy of the treatment plan, and each patient’s unique healing process.

Here’s a thorough explanation:

  • Initial Consultation: Typically, a thorough examination, assessment, and conversations about available treatments are included in the first session. This can be completed online before your arrival or on your first visit.
  • Implant Placement: In the second session, dental implants are surgically inserted. Depending on the complexity and diversity of implants, completing this crucial step could require one or more appointments.
dental treatment concept
  • Healing Period (Osseointegration): After implant placement, a recovery period is required. During this stage, the implants may join with the mandible. The duration often spans a few weeks to a few months, though it might vary.

  • Prosthetic Placement: Following a successful osseointegration process, you return to have the prosthetic—such as a permanent bridge or dentures supported by implants—attached. This appointment guarantees that the prosthetic is well-fitting and performing as intended.

  • Follow-up Appointments: Follow-up visits are planned to track the healing process, evaluate the prosthetic’s functionality, and make any required modifications.

  • Post-Operative Care: For post-operative care, certain clinics could suggest more visits, particularly in the early phases of healing.

  • Virtual Consultations: To save time and hassle, a lot of clinics allow virtual consultations before your visit. As a result, fewer in-person visits are required for initial assessments, treatment planning, and expectations-related sessions.
  • Individual Variations: Individual recovery periods and treatment outcomes can differ. While some patients perform well with fewer meetings, others might need additional follow-up visits.
  • Communication with the Dental Team: You and your dental team must communicate clearly. A customized treatment plan, a schedule for every stage, and information on the anticipated number of visits will be provided.

What Should Be Considered After Full Set of Dental Implants Operation in Turkey?

Following a comprehensive series of dental implant procedures in Turkey, the following factors are essential for a quick and smooth recovery:

  • Post-Operative Care: Pay close attention to the post-operative guidance on care given by the dentist. This could involve food restrictions, prescription drugs, and dental hygiene standards.
  • Monitoring Healing: Continue to monitor the healing process. If you experience any sudden pain, swelling, or discomfort, let your dental team know immediately.
Before and After Transformation Results of dental treatment in Istanbul
  • Oral Hygiene Practices: Retain perfect oral hygiene. To maintain the longevity of the implants and your general dental health, adhere to the recommended oral care protocol.

  • Dietary Guidelines: During the early healing phase, follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding nutrition. Steer clear of chewing on the implant locations and stick to soft meals.

  • Avoiding Tobacco and Alcohol: If possible, abstain from both cigarettes and alcohol, as these behaviors can impede the healing process.

  • Scheduled Follow-Up Appointments: Keep all of your follow-up consultations with your dental staff. These meetings are essential for tracking developments, making changes, and resolving issues.

  • Medication Compliance: As instructed, take any prescription medication. Antibiotics and painkillers may be part of this to control discomfort and stop infections.

  • Nutritional Support: Maintain a nutrient-rich, well-balanced diet to promote general health and facilitate the recuperation process.

  • Caution with Oral Appliances: If you wear dentures or other removable oral appliances, abide by your dentist’s instructions regarding when to start wearing them again following implant surgery.

  • Communication with Your Dental Team: Stay in constant contact with your dental team. Any changes to your dental health or concerns should be reported right away.

  • Long-Term Oral Care: Create a routine for long-term dental care. You must get routine dental examinations and cleanings to keep an eye on the condition of your implants and to prevent possible problems.

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Other Alternative Treatment Options to Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey

There are different techniques for installing a dental implant, they differ from clinical case to clinical case. Some patients are only missing some teeth, or edentulous patients, patients with little bone, patients with gum problems, and so on.

 Over the years, various techniques for applying a dental implant have been created, precisely to deal with the great variety of specific cases that arise.

Let’s see them together!

  • Immediate loading of dental Implants It is a technique that, when applicable, is very convenient as it allows the dentist to position the implants in a single operation. Patients will be able to return to normal use of the installed teeth in just 24 hours.
Different types of dental implants
  • All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants
    All on 4 or all on 6 dental implants are indicated for the rehabilitation of entire dental arches, therefore for edentulous people or people with significant bone deficiency.
    This is an innovative technique that allows the specialist to insert, in a single operation, four or six implants onto which an entire dental arch is blocked.
    Unlike traditional implant procedures, which require the straight positioning of the implants, here they can be inclined, to make the most of the bone quantities.
  • Guided dental implants
    Computer-guided implant surgery is used for this type of treatment. Thanks to special masks that act as a guide during the operation, it will be possible to act specifically without resorting to the use of scalpels and stitches.
  • Traditional dental implants
    This technique is now obsolete as it has several limitations compared to those previously described.
    It is certainly more invasive, as it involves the application of an implant for each dental element. This consequently generates longer osseointegration times and above all a total duration of the treatment spread over several sessions. It is not possible to apply all the systems in a single operation. Recovery times are also longer.

How Much Does a Full set of Dental Implants Cost in Turkey?

Depending on the package you choose, the price of a complete set of dental implants in Turkey may differ, but on average, it is between $3,000 and $5,000. Applying for 12 or 14 implants is possible.

These are a few of the factors that affect the price.

  • Implant brand:
    The most crucial information is this. Since the cost of an implant might vary significantly between brands. Every brand of implants has unique qualities. After being informed about the brands and their features, you will have the final say in what to invest in.
Dental veneers Cost in Turkey
  • Oral and dental health:
    Not every patient in Turkey is a good candidate for a full mouth dental implant. Your dentist will discuss any potential difficulties with this treatment with you. You must have a sufficient bone structure and good oral health. The cost is further affected by further treatments and procedures.
  • Clinic and Dentist:
    These two factors are both crucial. Naturally, the cost of the service from a highly skilled and professional dentist will be higher than that of other dentists. The pricing also takes into account the dental clinic’s equipment and extra services.
  • Transportation – Accommodation:
    The cost will typically change if you select a package from Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals that include transportation and accommodation.

Why Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants in Turkey?

► The average cost of a full mouth dental implants in Turkey ranges from $3,000- $5,000. Depending on the oral health and desired tooth material.

► There is a 99% success rate in restoring teeth with full-mouth dental implants in Turkey. You can enjoy a normal routine once treatment is finished.

► Great deals on dental implant packages, especially on dental trips.

► World-class technologies used for dental treatments by top dentists in Turkey.

portrait of woman enjoying life after Full Mouth Dental Implants procedure

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Which Full Mouth Dental Implants Turkey Package Deals is suitable for me?

It’s important to carefully evaluate several factors when selecting the best full mouth dental implants package in Turkey to make sure it meets your unique needs and preferences.

When comparing various package deals, keep the following important factors in mind:

  • Dental Clinic Reputation: Check the reputation of the dental clinic providing the package. Seek feedback and testimonials from prior clients to determine the level of quality of their services. A clinic that has received favorable reviews and has a solid track record is more likely to deliver outcomes that meet expectations.
  • Dentist Credentials and Experience: Check the experience and qualifications of the dentist doing the full mouth implant surgery. Verify their credentials, experience, and track record of completing comparable surgery.
  • Inclusions in the Package: Look closely at the details of each package to see what’s included. There may be changes to the quantity and kind of dental implants, pre-operative guidance, follow-up appointments, surgical techniques, and post-operative care. Choose a plan with comprehensive coverage to protect yourself from unforeseen expenses.
  • Type of Dental Implants: Find out what kind and quality of dental implants are included as part of the package. Implant materials and brands come in a variety, each having unique benefits. Find out from the dentist which kind of implant is best for your particular situation.
  • Additional Costs and Hidden Fees: Find out if there are any hidden or extra costs that aren’t included in the package. Certain packages might not include things like the price of prescription drugs, anesthesia, or any necessary further procedures.
  • Accommodation and Transportation: If transportation and accommodation are part of the package, take into account the facility’s typical cost as well as its proximity to the dental clinic. When you arrive, consider your preferences and any particular needs you may have.
  • Communication and Language: Make sure the dental clinic staff can speak to you in a language that feels comfortable to you. Pre-operative consultations, comprehension of the process, and guidelines for post-operative care all depend on this.
  • Patient Support and Follow-up: Verify whether follow-up appointments and post-operative care are included in the package. A reputable facility will give you comprehensive post-operative care to track your recovery and resolve any issues.
  • Cost Comparison: Examine the prices of various packages, but use caution when making a decision just based on cost. Prioritizing the dental clinic’s reputation and service quality over just price.

The Best Candidates For Full Mouth Dental Implants

  • Those who are edentulous (have lost all of their natural teeth).
  • Most teeth are affected by severe gum disease or tooth decay.
  • Failed while using traditional treatments (dentures, bridges).
  • Aspire to a set, long-term teeth solution.
  • Adequate bone density and general wellness.
  • Sufficient jawbone density to support implants.
  • Dedication to upholding superior oral hygiene.
  • Either not smoking or ready to give up for improved recovery.
  • Reasonable expectations for the process and results.
  • Dedication to consistent follow-up treatment for assessment.
Candidates For Full Mouth Dental Implants

What Does the Full Mouth Dental Implants Package Deals Include?

Make sure the package meets your specific needs and preferences before beginning the process. You should also get answers to any questions you may have about: Pre-operative consultations; diagnostic tests; number of dental implants; type of dental implants & surgical procedures; follow-up appointments & post-operative care; accommodation & transportation; additional costs and exclusions; language support; and patient support services.


All-encompassing dental implant procedures in Turkey usually require multiple sessions spread across three to six months, allowing for healing periods in between.

Dental implants in Turkey can be obtained at any age; eligibility is determined by factors such as bone density and overall health.

It's best to start with a soft diet after getting dental implants and then progressively switch to regular foods. Dietary restrictions can change depending on the circumstances.

Titanium and other safe materials are used in dental implants in Turkey. International standards are followed by the clinics to guarantee the longevity and safety of the implants.

Examine the credentials, certificates, and patient testimonials of Turkish dentists to confirm their qualifications.

A full-mouth dental implant treatment in Turkey typically requires a few days to a few weeks of recuperation. For best healing, anticipate some soreness and edema and follow the post-operative care guidelines.

Turkey may have more affordable dental implants because of the country's lower costs of operation, highly competitive costs, and favorable currency exchange rates.

In Turkey, dental implants have a typically high success rate. Good results are influenced by factors like careful patient choice, skilled doctors, and adherence to post-operative care. Specific instances may differ.

To Wrap Things Up

Full Mouth Dental Implants are a significant procedure that should only be carried out by qualified medical professionals with the best materials available for human anatomy.

Lerra Clinic employs implants with a guaranteed lifespan. You are protected from hazards when receiving full-mouth dental implants thanks to our skilled dental intervention, the use of implants from renowned companies, and a carefully thought-out surgical procedure.

Those who choose Lerra Clinic for dental treatment can count on continuous assistance, highly qualified professionals, excellent quality materials, sterilized environments, and the peace of mind of always having the same dentist following you throughout the treatment process.

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