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Are Dental Implants in Turkey Safe?

Are Dental Implants in Turkey Safe?

Although the culture of oral hygiene is increasingly widespread, millions of patients worldwide complain about losing one or more teeth.
The most frequent causes are mainly tooth decay, periodontal disease, or blows suffered. For many years the only options were dentures, bridges, or partial dentures such as dentures. Fortunately nowadays, dental implants are also available, permanent prostheses which bring many advantages compared to the old removable prostheses. But what is a dental implant? Are Dental Implants in Turkey Safe? Lerra Clinic will unveil that and more, read on!

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants can be defined as artificial roots that replace the roots of natural teeth that no longer exist. Implants provide a solid basis for fixed prostheses (dental crowns or bridges) or even for dentures removable by the patient himself for daily hygiene. The heart of the implant is a metal screw (very often in titanium, but not only) which with a surgical operation (usually performed in the dentist’s chair under local anesthesia) is inserted into the bones of the maxilla or mandible.

Dental Implants Concept

If the operation is successful (the percentage of successful implants in healthy patients is greater than 95%) the screw will be surrounded by the bone. The new bone will have formed during post-operative healing, and therefore the screw will in effect be fused into the maxilla/mandible. In this way, the implant will provide an excellent fixing point for the prosthesis which will be mounted on the head of the screw that will emerge from the gum (as mentioned, it could be a crown, a bridge, or a removable prosthesis).

In general, it can be said with certainty that the implants represent a considerable step forward in the quality of life of millions of people. 

 Let’s see exactly how!

Benefits of Getting Dental Implants in Turkey

Aesthetic appearance

Dental implants, whether a crown or bridge, are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Furthermore, they are designed to fuse with the bone (osseointegration) and therefore to accompany us for as long as possible, even throughout our lives. The aspect of bone reduction should also not be underestimated: by stopping the shrinkage of the maxilla and mandible bones, the implants prevent the shape of the face from changing, taking on that hollowed-out appearance typical of older faces. 

Dental Implant Aesthetic appearance

Ability to speak and eat

With traditional removable dentures held in place by adhesive, the denture is always at risk of slipping, causing stumbles over words. Dental implants, on the other hand, allow you to speak without the worry that your teeth may slip. Likewise, functioning exactly like natural teeth, they allow you to eat any food without accidents.

solid teeth to eat


For many people, losing permanent teeth is a traumatic event linked to the most intimate sphere of the personality. Having to wear dentures can suddenly make you feel embarrassed and unsuited to social life. Dental implants, which restore functional teeth to all intents and purposes, can not only give you a lost smile but also help you not to lose your self-esteem.

comfort feeling after dental implant in turkey

Oral Health

Dental implants do not require the preparation (filing) of other natural teeth, as is often required by a traditional bridge. Being able to preserve perfectly healthy teeth in their natural state is always to be considered an achievement in the field of health.

oral health concept

Reasons to Make Dental Implants In Turkey Safe

Generally speaking, patients can decide whether getting implants at a Turkish clinic is safe by adhering to a few basic guidelines.

  • The patient should evaluate comments made by other patients on several websites that collect such types of testimonials.
  • The Global Clinic Rating (GCR), which is graded on a scale of 1 to 5, should be checked by the patient to see if the clinic has a higher score. A clinic’s treatments are not always of poor quality just because it does not have a GCR grade. This is because a clinic must possess an International Accredited Clinic (IAC) certificate to be rated with a GCR; yet, IAC certification is not required.
  • Verifying the clinic’s ownership of a Turkish Ministry of Health certificate is a more effective strategy, as all respectable clinics in Turkey are obligated to possess one. This certification means that the clinic has completed the Ministry of Health’s routine inspections.
  • Additionally, the Turkish Dental Association (TDA or, in Turkish, TDB) license is something that the patient can verify if the dentist possesses. This association requires membership from every dentist in practice in Turkey. If the dental office provides this information on its website, the patient can also verify the dentist’s accreditation.
  • The better dental clinics in Turkey employ the same brands of implants as UK dental clinics. Certificates attesting to the genuineness of these implants are also included. A clinic will employ subpar or fake implants if it is unable to produce these documents.
  • Additionally, the patient needs to review the certifications for the prosthetics that will be fastened to the implants. While bridges, dental crowns, or complete veneers replace the visible portion of teeth, dental implants simply replace the tooth’s root. Since they endure the majority of the mechanical stress during eating, their quality is crucial.

Why is getting dental implants in Turkey so popular?

Travel to Turkey for dental implants

Turkey is a popular destination for dental implants. When choosing a dentist and dental clinic in Turkey, it is important to examine their level of experience and talent in the field of dentistry.

 Turkey has emerged to become a hub for the fast-growing dental and medical tourism industries, with top Turkish hospitals and leading specialists. People travel to Turkey from all over the world for dental treatments and vacations. Dental implants in Turkey are the most popular dental treatment, as it is much less expensive than in other countries.

Most clinics in Turkey are globally accredited, and most of them have a GCR rating. This ranking is determined using more than 25 distinct criteria, including protection, success rate, quality of service, and professionalism.

When deciding where to get your dental work done, many clinic websites include the GCR score as well as patient reviews and testimonials.

Therefore, Turkey is a very safe destination for dental treatments.

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Different Dental Implant Procedures in Turkey

  • Single-tooth dental implants: If you are missing one tooth, a single-tooth dental implant can be used to replace it.
  • Multiple dental implants: If several teeth are missing, several teeth may be used to replace them.
  •  Full Mouth Dental Implants: If you are losing all of your teeth, full-mouth dental implants can replace them.
  • Sinus Lifts for Implant Treatment: This is a surgical treatment that lifts the lower sinus membrane and places a bone graft to enhance bone volume in the upper jaw bone near the premolars and molars.
Different Dental Implant Procedures in Turkey
  • Accusal Adjustment For Teeth: Deformities in the upper or lower jaw can result in an insufficient amount of bone for dental implants, as the gums are pulled away from the ridge to treat the problem, exposing the hollow bone. Ridge modification has been found to significantly improve jaw aesthetics and increase the likelihood of successful implant placement.

Are You Suitable to Get Dental Implants in Turkey?

1. You must have a healthy mouth 
Having bones and gums in excellent health is an essential condition for placing a dental implant.
If you suffer from pathologies such as periodontitis (or pyorrhoea), this can infect the tissues supporting the implant, just as it does with your natural teeth.
Before proceeding with the implant surgery, you will therefore have to undergo a series of treatments useful for curing or controlling the disease.
After we have resolved the infection and protected the periodontium from bacteria, you can undergo the implant surgery in complete safety.

dental implant consultation for candidacy

2. You must have enough bone

The lifespan of dental implants depends greatly on the quality and quantity of the bone in which they are anchored.
If over the years you have lost a lot of bone where a tooth once was, it may be impossible to place an implant.
Our advice is therefore not to wait too long to replace your missing teeth because you could compromise the possibility of replacing them with implants forever.
Following significant bone loss, only in some cases is it possible to perform a graft, a procedure that allows bone to be added to the area where it is lacking.

In addition to bone resorption, the lack of certain dental elements can cause side effects such as crooked teeth, chewing difficulties, headaches, back pain, and other physical problems. That’s why it’s a good idea to act quickly.

3. You must follow a healthy lifestyle

Eating well, sleeping enough, and doing sport: everyone knows that following a healthy lifestyle is the key to living longer and healthier.
The same also applies to dental implants: some behaviors can favor or reduce the health of the tissues that support the artificial roots.
For example, excessive cigarette or alcohol consumption can increase the time it takes for implants to integrate into the bone.
In particular, smoking – over the years – reduces the flow of blood and nutrients to the tissues, favouring periodontal diseases.

So if you desire to have a beautiful smile that lasts for many years, you may have to change some of your lifestyle habits.
Of course, after placing an implant, you will have to pay particular attention to keeping it healthy with specific treatments.

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Safety and Quality of Dental Implants in Turkey vs. Other Countries

Aspect Turkey United States United Kingdom Mexico Thailand
Regulatory Oversight Turkish Ministry of Health oversight with a strong commitment to healthcare quality FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) CQC (Care Quality Commission) COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk) Thai FDA
Accreditation Global Clinic Rating (GCR) and Turkish Ministry of Health certification ADA (American Dental Association) GDC (General Dental Council) International accreditation may be held by a variety of private clinics. International accreditation may be held by a variety of private clinics.
Dentist Qualifications Turkish Dental Association (TDA) membership American Dental Association (ADA) membership General Dental Council (GDC) membership Dentists with licenses; some may hold international certificates Dentists with licenses; some may hold international certificates
Implant Quality Top-notch certified implants, frequently obtained from reliable foreign vendors High-quality implants High-quality implants There are several high-quality implants available; find out the brand and certification. There are several high-quality implants available; find out the brand and certification.
Sterilization and Hygiene following international guidelines and using cutting-edge sterilizing techniques rigorous adherence to guidelines rigorous adherence to guidelines Depends on the clinic; find out about the sterilization procedures Depends on the clinic; find out about the sterilization procedures
Infection Control strict guidelines for infection control Stringent infection control measures Stringent infection control measures Varies by clinic, inquire about infection control practices Varies by clinic, inquire about infection control practices
Experience of Dentists highly skilled dentists with a proven track record of accomplishing implant procedures knowledgeable and skilled dentists knowledgeable and skilled dentists Varies, inquire about the experience of the dentist performing the procedure Varies, inquire about the experience of the dentist performing the procedure
Patient Reviews Positive reviews from international patients who praise Turkey’s dental care quality Reviews available from patients Reviews available from patients Varies by clinic, reviews may be available online Varies by clinic, reviews may be available online
Cost Considerably more affordable than the U.S. and the UK, making high-quality dental implants accessible Ranging from $600 to $1,500 per implant Higher cost in the U.S. Ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 or more per implant Higher cost in the UK Ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 or more per implant. Generally more affordable than the U.S. and the UK Ranging from $800 to $2,000 per implant. Generally more affordable than the U.S. and the UK Ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 per implant.


Comparing Turkey to other countries, the average cost of dental implant operations is considerably lower. Around 50–70% less might be spent on dental implants in Turkey than in the US or the UK, on average. For those looking for dental implant procedures that are both cheaper and of high quality, Turkey is a desirable destination because of this.

Yes, Turkey adheres to the stringent standards and guidelines established by global dentistry associations, guaranteeing that dental implant treatments employ only the best materials.

Depending on several specific features, the total time required for a dental implant procedure in Turkey can vary, but typically it takes three to six months from the initial consultation to completion.

Maintaining frequent brushing, flossing, and appropriate dental implant care is crucial to extending the life of your dental implants.

You must have pain-free gums, a normal bite, and teeth that look natural for an implant to be successful.

Risks from dental procedures include sensitive teeth, veneers or crowns coming out, inflamed gums, and occasionally even excruciating, chronic pain.

There are various dental treatments available in Turkey. These include commonly applied procedures such as tooth extraction, filling, root canal treatment, tooth whitening, implant, and orthodontic treatments.

Check photos and videos of the clinic and its amenities by visiting its website or social media accounts. You should also read through the dentist's and the clinic's reviews and testimonies.

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