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Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Sapphire Technique İn Hair Transplantation

The sapphire technique in hair transplantation is one of the most recent techniques used in this field, as it gets its name from the sapphire pins used in it, which are pins with small and sharp heads made of stone that can be used in the Lerra Clinic hospital. Sapphire is a valuable gemstone, and one of its most important properties is that it is antibacterial Lerra Clinic doctors use Sapphire pen to open the planting channels and prepare the hair follicles for transfer without damaging the skin, thanks to the sharpness of its head and its diameter not exceeding 3 millimeters
• First: Drawing the front line After confirming the patient's state of health and checking the integrity of the medical analyzes, the doctor of Lerra Clinic begin to draw the front line and check the compatibility and harmony with the patient's shape and suitability for his facial features
• Second: Identifying and anesthetizing the donor area At this stage, the doctor at LERRA CLINIC determines the perimeter of the donor area and draws its dimensions. After that, the doctor begins to anesthetize the donor area with local anesthesia, by injecting painlessly through a device called Painless Anesthesia
• Third: The stage of extracting and preserving the follicles using the Sapphire technique After confirming the effect of the anesthesia, the doctor begins to collect the hair follicles from the donor area through a motor microscopic device, which is a device whose diameter ranges from 0.7 to 0.9 mm. It separates the hair follicle from the scalp in the donor area It should be noted that the doctor collects the follicles from separate and distant places to ensure that there are no traces in the donor area after recovery Then the doctor takes the follicles and puts them in a liquid to preserve them. • Fourth: the stage of opening the channels and planting the follicles This stage is considered the most important stage, as the doctor opens the channels in the area where the transplantation will take place, through the sapphire pens, and because these pens contain small and sharp heads, they allow the Lerra Clinic doctor to open more than 45 channels in every square centimeter. The Sapphire pens also allow the doctor to choose the direction of the hair that he prefers, through its distinctive drawing of the channels during their opening. Then the doctor implants the follicles that he extracted from the donor in the channels that he opened in the bald area, and this is how the process is done in the best way.
• The speed of the recovery period, as this technique prevents the occurrence of any irritation or sensitivity in the place of plantation, as it does not cause any serious damage to the skin, especially if you perform this procedure at the hands of a skilled doctor such as a doctor from Lerra Clinic.
• Through this technique, we can, at Lerra Clinic, plant the largest number of follicles, allowing us to increase hair density to a greater extent than any other technique.
• Through sapphire pens, we can control the direction of the hair follicles, allowing the person to get the haircut he desires.
• Carrying out the hair transplantation process with maximum comfort and without any significant pain.
• The speed of healing of the channels, as it reaches 3 hours after the operation, in contrast to the rest of the techniques, in which the speed of healing of the channels is up to 8 hours.
At the beginning, the doctor of LERRA CLINIC examines the patient to determine whether his state of health at the present time is suitable for the operation to be performed or not. Also, the doctor will ask the patient to do blood tests to make sure that the patient is free from any disease that will hinder the surgery. In the event that all health conditions are suitable, the hair model desired by the patient is drawn and prepared in preparation for transplantation. The technique that is suitable for the patient is also selected based on the decision of the doctor and according to the bald area that he has.
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