Methods of Liposuction Are Used Abroad? Best Liposuction Technique

Methods of Liposuction Are Used Abroad? Best Liposuction Technique

Methods of Liposuction Are Used Abroad? Best Liposuction Technique

What Is Liposuction Surgery?

The Latin word “lipo” from which the English term “liposuction” is derived means fat. Liposuction does not eliminate all the body’s excess fat completely; rather, it gets rid of fat cells only. In order to have a correct understanding of liposuction, there is a need to know the differences between these two types of procedures. This is because after puberty, most people will never again gain more fat cells.

These fats cells will tell where in the body the extra weight gains that were deposited as fats will go to for storage. An example is if you have more fat cells on your abdomen than other parts of the body then any extra weight gained will concentrate there. In liposuction surgery, fat cell numbers are reduced and hence no further build-up happens in particular areas. Thus, even if his body has an excessive amount of accumulated fats, this man does not possess an apple figure since half of his belly’s fat cells were taken out with lipo operation.

Methods Of Liposuction Used Abroad

As fat-sucking ways get better, many new methods are liked in places around the world. They may help people who want to shape their bodies. Even though the old way is still common, some places try new ways that fit certain needs and spots on the body.

One method is sound wave fat-sucking, often used in Europe and parts of Asia. It uses sound waves to turn fat into liquid before taking it out. This can be good for tough spots and might give smoother shapes. It works well on the backs of men’s chests.

Methods of Liposuction Are Used Abroad? Best Liposuction Technique

Another method used in South America and Europe shakes the fat out. It shakes a tube back and forth to get rid of a lot of fat and could make the work less tiring.

Laser fat-sucking is getting attention in places like Australia and parts of Europe and Asia. It uses soft laser light to melt the fat and might help skin pull tight. This could be good for small spots like the face or neck that need careful work and tight skin.

Water jet fat-sucking is done in Europe and Asia. It sprays water to push fat out before sucking it up. It’s good for hard spots like the back or a man’s chest, where the old way can be hard.

Some clinics in other countries use radio wave fat-sucking. It warms and melts the fat before taking it out. This method is becoming liked because it might make skin tight, so it’s good for people who want both shaping and tight skin.

The chance to get these new fat-sucking ways depends on where you are. But they give people more choices to get the body shape they want, possibly with better results, based on what they need and where they need it.

Best Liposuction Techniques

Numerous advanced techniques for liposuction have emerged with the goal of enhancing outcomes and reducing issues such as contours.


One popular technique, SAFELipo involves a three step process (separation, suction and fat smoothing) that is widely adopted to delicately eliminate fat while ensuring a surface to prevent any irregularities.

The 360 Lipo:

The 360 Lipo approach focuses on treating the circumference of the torso to achieve a balanced look rather than targeting specific areas. It can help in reshaping proportions and improving the waist to hip ratio.

The high definition lipo:

In high definition liposuction, a thicker layer of fat is left over muscles to highlight definition by removing fat from regions to emphasize natural contours. This method is typically recommended for fit individuals and can produce a highly defined “six pack” appearance when taken to an extreme level.

Surgeons use energy based technologies like power assisted, laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency approaches to aid in removal. Power assisted liposuction involves an oscillating cannula while laser technology employs heat to liquefy fat. Ultrasound waves are utilized to break down fat cells and are commonly used in high definition cases. Radiofrequency devices such as BodyTite help emulsify fat while promoting skin tightening through collagen stimulation.

Each type of liposuction technique offers advantages based on treatment areas and desired outcomes.

To achieve the desired contours while minimizing the risk of complications surgeons take into account factors such as the quantity of fat, its placement and whether skin tightening is a desired outcome.

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Complete Liposuction Process Followed Abroad

Pre-Op (Abroad): A surgeon with board certification should be sought. It is necessary to share with the surgeon goals desires, medical history, and medications you are on. There is a need for tests before the procedure that will reveal if you are fit.

Surgery Day: After arrival, it’s time to prepare in a nursing room. You will wake-up when anesthesia wears off. The chosen technique of surgery (tumescent common) involves deadening area, creating small cuts and removing fat by sucking it out.

Methods of Liposuction Are Used Abroad? Best Liposuction Technique

Recovery (Abroad & Home): Keep an eye on patient in recovery; then release within 24 -48 hours using compression wear. Post-operatively at home these include swollenness, bruising and some pain that require several weeks of rest as well as travel restrictions sometimes till swelling subsides. Pain relievers help in managing them. Book another meeting with your surgeon after this period.


Choosing Wisely: Investigate respected clinics where qualified practitioners work. Consider risks such as infection and uneven outcomes carefully before deciding to proceed with liposuction treatment options abroad. Hidden costs exist like travel or possible follow up back home after undergoing the procedure overseas for medical tourists that may not have been factored into initial cost estimates. Make sure to get explicit instructions about what happens afterwards. Remember that liposuction is not a measure of weight loss but body sculpting instead; thus healthy lifestyle must continue beyond the operation should it give long-term results.

Why Get Liposuction Abroad?

For two main reasons, some people would consider getting liposuction done outside their home country. 

Cost Savings: Liposuction procedures are much cheaper in other countries compared to certain places like the United States which is why this can also be a motive for individuals on a tight budget.

Combine Procedure with a Vacation: Some patients may plan to undergo liposuction in another country while traveling there for vacation. They prefer having it done in an entirely different place so that they can recover and also save money by combining both events.

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Pros & Cons Of Getting Liposuction Abroad


Cost savings: Liposuction procedures can cost less in foreign countries, especially when compared to such countries as the US. This is advantageous for those with tight budgets.

Vacation and Treatment Combination: For some, it’s merely a chance to combine vacationing with undergoing a medical operation. You will have a chance to recuperate at another place while at the same time saving on travelling by having surgery done there.


Possibility of Less Quality Care: Overseas’ qualification of surgeons and medical clinic standards can be more challenging to ascertain. Conduct extensive research for reputable facilities.

Language Barrier and Aftercare Issues: Lack of common language between surgeon and patient may hinder communication in such cases. Moreover, on return home one may find difficulty in following up care or even nonexistence.

Hidden costs: Remember that although the main procedure might be more affordable, travel costs, accommodation, follow-up treatment at home among others could nullify any savings made.

Best Countries For Liposuction Surgery

Though what constitutes the “perfect” country is not empirically determined; listed below are some well-liked liposuction destinations:

Turkey; This nation has become popular due to its affordability as well as increasing number of experienced surgeons available here. However, you must carry out thorough investigations first.

Brazil : Liposuction is one of the popular cosmetic surgeries done in Brazil. It has a lively medical tourism sector with skilled surgeons who apply different techniques.

Types of Liposuction Techniques in Turkey - Lerra Clinic

South Korea: The country is reputable for the innovation it has brought to cosmetic procedures. Its concentration on less invasive methods and achieving natural appearances have drawn people from all parts of the world to its clinics.

Thailand: Liposuction services are provided by many clinics in Thailand whose medical tourism history is long. Please, ensure that you go to an institution that boasts Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

Mexico: Mexico has proximity to the US and cost advantages. Nevertheless, make sure that your surgeon is certified by the Mexican Council of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (CMCPER).

But remember, you should choose a qualified surgeon, and a reputable clinic should come before place.

How To Find The Best Liposuction Specialist Abroad

The process of finding a top liposuction specialist abroad should include:

Accreditation: Check for JCI-accredited clinics or such equivalent national bodies’ accreditation.

Surgeon Qualifications: Confirm certification by professional boards as well as experience in carrying out liposuction procedures. Google about their names and read what they have on

Clinic Facilities: Consider clinic reputation, technology used there and safety protocols observed therein. Aspire for before-and-after photos made by this particular surgeon only when he was working on similar patients like you do.

Communication: Before booking, ensure that there is clear communication with the clinic and surgeon. Talk to them about your objectives, anticipation and risks involved.

Which liposuction method should I choose?

The best method for liposuction depends on your own personal needs and body type. Here are summaries of several popular selections:

Tumescent Liposuction: Most common method which involves the use of numbing solution; it can be used in many places.

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (UAL): This uses sound waves to melt fat useful for instance in fibrous areas or bigger deposits.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction (LAL): It melts fat using laser energy to potentially tighten skin but benefits are not always proven.

Find a skilled surgeon who will give advice about which technique is most suitable for the outcome that you desire.


Liposuction has evolved significantly with a variety of methods accessible to target specific body areas and cater to individual preferences. While the traditional tumescent liposuction method remains popular techniques such, as ultrasound assisted power assisted laser assisted water assisted and radiofrequency assisted liposuction are gaining traction in regions.

Ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) utilizes ultrasonic energy to break down fat effectively making it suitable for fibrous areas. Power assisted liposuction (PAL) involves a moving cannula to aid in the removal of volumes of fat. Laser assisted liposuction (LAL) employs low energy lasers to melt fat and potentially enhance skin tightness making it ideal for regions. Water assisted liposuction (WAL) uses water jets to dislodge fat before extraction. Radiofrequency assisted devices like BodyTite emulsify fat while supporting skin firming.

Each method provides benefits for treatment objectives and body areas. Surgeons take into account factors such as the amount of present its location and the desired level of skin tightening when determining the appropriate technique, for achieving well defined contours while minimizing potential risks.

For those considering liposuction consulting with board certified plastic surgeons experienced in a range of techniques is essential. It is important to discuss goals, medical history and expectations during the consultation process.

Before proceeding with liposuction the surgeon will assess your suitability. Suggest the suitable method, for safe and successful outcomes. It is crucial to prioritize selecting an trustworthy surgeon who prioritizes your safety and aims for looking results. Feel free to inquire express any worries and conduct research, on surgeons. With skills and reasonable expectations modern liposuction methods can improve your body shape. Increase self assurance.

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The top way to do it changes based on the spot and wished-for result. Usual choices are swelling-up method, sound-wave help for tough parts, and energy/beam/radio wave help for making skin tight. 

Even though the way it's done counts a lot, places like Brazil, South Korea, Thailand, Mexico, and Turkey are known for doing good fat removal jobs. 

No, taking out fat isn't a way to treat being very overweight. It's for taking out small fat bits, not a lot of weight.

Pick a doctor who knows a lot, quit smoking, stay away from stuff that thins your blood, and live healthily before your surgery.

Any way done right by a trained doctor following rules at a checked place is thought to be safe.

Risks are bleeding, getting sick, hurting nerves, bumpy skin, too much body water, and not happy with results if not done right.

Puffiness can hide how well it worked at first. Wishing for too much, not enough fat gone, or missing spots can cause issues too.

Most people feel medium hurt and swelling for 1 or 2 weeks, with medicine helping. Numbing liquid cuts down hurt. 

After healing up nice in 3 to 6 months from a well-done job, there's no lasting bad effects.

Not skilled providers, taking too much fat, messed up shaping, hurt in surgery, healing wrong, and weight going up and down can make results not good. 

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