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Hybrid Hair Transplantation

Hybrid Technique In Hair Transplant

In hair transplantation, the hybrid technique combines two techniques, the sapphire technique and the Choi pen technique, to take advantage of the best features of both. At Lerra Clinic, both techniques are used in a single operation and during the same treatment session, eliminating the need for a second session. Because it is a successful treatment for advanced baldness cases and can transplant 6000-8000 grafts in one day, the hybrid technique is used in cases of severe baldness. Because of the large number of follicles, the hair appears completely natural, and others have difficulty determining whether or not this person has had a transplant
First: Anesthesia

The surgeon cleans the scalp, then numbs it locally, and once they're satisfied that the anesthetic has worked and the patient doesn't feel the pain, the procedure moves on to the next step.

Second: Hair Extraction

Using both methods, Lerra Clinic doctor begins to gently extract the hair follicles. The hair in the donor area, which is usually the back of the head, is shaved and the hair follicles are separated and extracted one by one with the FUE technique.

Third: Preparation And Cultivation

The extracted hair follicles are prepared for the appropriate size and stored in an ideal condition until the scalp is ready to receive the follicles

Small channels in the scalp are opened with surgical needles, and the holes must be at specific angles to go in the right direction and stay in the same direction as the natural hair so that others cannot tell the difference

To completely cover the bald area, hair follicles are placed one by one in small holes in the scalp

After the transplant, you can leave the clinic comfortably in the same day, and the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to avoid complications and mitigate potential side effects
• It gives better results than the results of the sapphire technique alone or the Choi pen alone.

• It gives the hair abundance and density, through which a large number of follicles can be provided in one session.

• It gives a natural and attractive look, not the artificial appearance of the implanted hair.

• The transplanted hair remains as it is for life if it is maintained and cared properly.

• It facilitates the process of overcoming baldness in more than one area in one session without undergoing more than one operation.

• Quick recovery and return to normal life after the operation.

Who are the suitable people for the hybrid technique in hair transplantation?

Lerra Clinic doctor identifies the suitable people to perform the hair transplantation procedure using the hybrid technique, as follows:

• People suffering from baldness of the fifth, sixth and seventh degree Nord.

• People who suffer from hairless areas that cannot be transplanted during one session using the Choi pen technique or the Sapphire technique.

•For people who want to thicken their hair in some areas and cannot do so through the Sapphire or Choi pen technique in one session.

• People who suffer from large bald areas and other areas with little hair at the same time and do not want to undergo two different procedures, it has become easy to treat them through the hybrid technology in one session.

• People who suffer from stable alopecia areata.
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