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Hair is considered a human adornment, and men are distinguished by the fact that God has adorned them with a beard, so the beard is considered one of the most prominent features of men's faces, but some suffer from a lack of hair in their beard, or that their beard hair is insufficient, and hair transplantation is one of the most important successful solutions. To develop beard hair, whether for a full beard or to fill gaps in the beard, Lerra Clinic offers a beard transplant operation at the hands of Europe's most competent hair transplant doctors, and here is how the beard transplant procedure works
The beard transplant method is similar to other hair transplant operations in that follicles are taken from the donor area, which is generally in the back of the hair scalp in the head, and then treated to be prepared for transplantation in the targeted areas of the beard.
To avoid the pain of making the right openings for the cultivation of the follicles, only local anesthesia is provided to the area to be transplanted during the surgery of beard hair transplantation.
One of the most significant benefits of beard transplantation is that you can agree with your doctor on the shape of the beard you want, and it is determined and drawn before beginning the process so that the follicles are implanted based on the shape of the beard you desire.
Yes, some tests are required by Lerra Clinic doctor to determine your suitability for a beard transplant, and the doctor must be informed if you are taking any treatments in order to determine whether to continue or discontinue the treatments until the procedure is completed, the treatments that prevent blood clotting like aspirin, and you must stop taking it before receiving a beard transplant.
After the beard transplant is completed, you must not wash the beard area for a period of at least two days to ensure the stability of the follicles in the beard area. Also, you shouldn't sleep on your face because of the beard buildup and follicle shedding. So sleep on your back. It is also preferable to reduce physical exertion during the first two days after the beard transplant and you must follow the preparations and treatments that the doctor may prescribe depending on your condition and the number of grafts transplanted to you. Dear men, in order to get a perfect beard transplant result, you just need to contact our medical team at Lerra Clinic in Istanbul to give the best medical advice and follow the necessary procedures to get the beard transplant at Lerra Clinic in Istanbul. Lerra Clinic takes care of you as it should
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