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Gastric Sleeve

People who want to lose weight often have to go through a lot of hard work. Diet plans that are focused on weight loss may not work for everyone, and you need to be very determined and have a strong commitment if you want to lose weight. The main thing that contributes to obesity is eating a lot of food in one meal.Which leads to an expansion in the size of the stomach, so diets may be somewhat difficult for him. Now, with Lerra Clinic, we offer you the best and optimal solution for the ability to adhere to diets by performing a gastric sleeve procedure, which in turn works to reduce the size of the stomach, so the person begins to eat a small amount in one meal, which makes him lose weight quickly and gives him the ability to adhere more in diets. In order to carry out this procedure, you have to expose yourself to a specialized doctor, who in turn performs some tests to ensure that the patient is suitable for undergoing the sleeve gastrectomy procedure

The sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery that is done under general anesthesia in the LERRA CLINIC. After the surgery, the doctor makes a surgical incision in the abdominal area and removes a large part of the stomach,and then the stomach is sutured to become like a "sleeve of clothes" and from this point of view it is called The procedure is done by quantifying the stomach, so that it is small in size and the person does not need to eat large quantities of meals to feel full, so the amount of food that the person ate is small and with this matter the person can lose weight quickly and effectively and without feeling any suffering in the weight loss process.

After the sleeve gastrectomy, a surgical incision is made in your stomach and the stitches are put in place. You will need to follow the doctor's instructions during your recovery period to get the best results from the sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The surgery usually takes about two hours.

Sleeve gastrectomy can be done without surgery through the use of an endoscope. This means that there are fewer surgical incisions, but the person needs to stay overnight in the hospital for less time than the normal surgical procedure for sleeve gastrectomy.

The overnight period in Lerra Clinic Hospital is determined by the treating doctor after ensuring that the operation has been successfully completed and recovered, in order to allow the patient to leave the hospital and return home.

To ensure the success of the sleeve gastrectomy and obtain an ideal result, you can contact our medical team at LERRA CLINIC Hospital and obtain the best medical advice to carry out the procedure with us in a safe and smooth manner.

With Lerra Clinic you are in safe hands.

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